SimCity Now Features Disappearing Mouse Cursors

SimCity Now Features Disappearing Mouse Cursors

SimCity’s latest v3.0 update has added an exciting new feature to the game: a disappearing or erratic mouse cursor. It’s easily fixed, but also a ridiculous bug to come up so long after release.

Please note that this news comes a day after EA declared the game had “recovered” from its disastrous launch.

The cursor will disappear “if you right click and then left click whilst your right mouse button is held down”.

Maxis says “We are working on resolving this to prevent it from happening but in the meantime whilst we work on a solution for this happening, to get your cursor back just click the right mouse button again.”

Missing Cursor [EA]


  • Yeah that recovered joke was the best joke I’ve heard from them so far.

  • EA never fails to prove the cynic in me right. I shall continue to laugh at the people who failed to boycott Sim City if they wanted a quality product. You can be happy with mediocre, so keep on feeding the EA money machine and continue getting games that are left to updates haha. If I ever start buying EA games again, they’d have to be a year later when it’s the product it should have been. The experience will be enjoyable compared to the miseries and self inflated positivity people have to make about this game. There are alternatives out there that are so much better than this continual EA bull crap.

  • I have no idea what everyone’s complaining about: this is one of the best train wreck simulators around.

  • It’s a shame because the game can actually be fun. Sometimes. Haven’t gone back for a while but I haven’t uninstalled either. The stance on offline play is obviously one Maxis do not plan on altering. So we have a limited and poorly executed gem that suffers in scale and dependability.

    I wonder just how many people would be able to run Sim City with an 8x8km map for example? The game would chug after a reasonable size city was built. This is combated by the multi-region setup and isn’t a bad idea, just not entirely reliable at the mercy of bugs and instability.

    Apart from the multiple bugs and the broken AI there are two key reasons I will never completely accept it.

    1. The very limited build area. There’s no such thing as an accelerated self sufficient city.

    2. The limitations imposed on roads overall within the build radius. Where’s the fucking highways, the overpasses, the interchanges? Where’s the terraforming? Oh yeah, see above.

    It’s just too limiting and misrepresents the idea of city builders in general.

    Oh well, only paid around $40.00 for it and got Dead Space 3 free so I haven’t got anything to really complain about.

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