So, Call Of Duty Just Teased This Thing...

So, Call of Duty just teased this vine, which means we can look forward to a lot more about Ghosts at the next Xbox's big shindig on Tuesday.


    I don't think anybody cares, but I hate call of duty. And I feel the need to share that.

      I don't hate it so much as wishing there was more replayability in the single player. I'm not massively interested in jumping online and being quick-scoped to death so I'd only really buy it if there was something to keep bringing me back to playing against the ai. COD has always been about guiding you to a set piece which largely will play out the same way each time though so I'm not holding my breath. People probably care not about my opinion either, but I think more and more people are getting fed up with not much innovation in the series, but it'll still rush to the number 1 spot when it's released no doubt

      I don't hate it as such, but I just don't care any more. I loved COD4 - one of my favourite games of this generation, but I haven't bought or played a COD since MW2 and don't really have any interest in going back.

      You and people like you just make me like the game further more. ♥

        Cod 4 was the way to go. Now your generation will suffer Activisions crap for decades to come. Muahahaha

    Look at all those polygons.
    Look at all those messy textures.
    Look at that blatant Xbox favoritism.

    10/10 - Pre-ordered twice.

    Didn't buy black ops 2 and I seriously felt like i missed nothing!
    All my non gamer gamer mates (people who don't game but play COD and NBA etc) will buy it and it will probably sell very well. Think Ill just skip it again.

      Single player was alright step in the right direction but the multiplayer is one of series best

        single player was shite

        you need to search youtube for "completed Call of duty black ops without firing a single shot"

      I was pleasantly surprised with the single player of Black Ops 2. It's the first to feature branching decisions which affected the ending (there's like 3 different endings), and some of those set pieces are pretty awesome. It's like a Hollywood blockbuster in video game form.. I'm not big on multiplayer, but I think the single player and zombies mode is worth playing.. I recommend picking it up when its cheap or on sale. I remember getting Black Ops 1 for $2.95 in an Xbox Live sale.

    Oh my gosh, a new Call of Duty is coming out?! Why, that hasn't happened in, like... months!
    Is it really Monday? Someone pinch me. New Call of Duty games usually come out every Tuesday.


    I would not be surprised to see some sort of exclusivity with this.

    Really wish this franchise would just die, but it won't as long as there's cheesdick high school boys around.

    All the raging 14 year old's will love this.

    Black ops 2 was my first and last COD
    Got bored really fast

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