Star Wars, Dr. Who Fans Get Into The Lamest "Fight" Of All Time

A long-standing rivalry between two sci-fi fan groups in England boiled over earlier this week when Star Wars and Dr. Who fans had a "bitter exchange" outside a convention.

When the treasurer of Norwich Star Wars Club Jim Poole turned up and tried to get the autograph of Dr. Who actor (and Bill superstar!) Graham Cole, all hell broke loose. He was asked to leave the convention, which was hosted by rival group the Norwich Sci Fi Club, and when he refused both police and security were called.

The cops turned up having been told there had been an assault, but after a brief investigation found there had been nothing but nerd rage. So both groups got a...talking to, and were warned to keep away from each other.

Crisis averted.

Police break up rival sci-fi fans’ feud [Metro]


    This galaxy ain't big enough for the two of us...

    $100 on the whovians.

      hohoho they would kick ass.

      Piss awf, the Starwars fans totally! I'll completely scowl at you if you don't agree with me!!!

        Whoa! Settle down! The police have been notified.

        I'd have to give it to the Star Wars. Doctor who fans would have replica sonic screwdrivers, but Star Wars would have replica Light Sabres, and they'd do more damage than waving a screwdriver around.

        Star wars sucks. Yeah I said it! Watchya goona do abowt eet? Call the cops? Oh shit you did!

    DOCTOR WHO, get it right Kotaku, its not Dr. Who, its DOCTOR WHO, DOCTOR!!!!!

      If he's a real doctor it can be abbreviated to Dr.. Unless his given first name is Doctor, well then that's a different story.

        The finale (next week) is actually called -The name of the Doctor. He is a real Doctor - just not of medicine. Anyway the credits had him named as Dr Who for six years.

      It is also The Bill not Bill. I have used the shortened form Dr Who many times on the internet. Both fandom and the media have used this shortened form for nearly 50 years. (Have a look at the references in Doctor Who : The unfolding text.) I am just glad the show is back on the air. What is your particular problem with Dr versus Doctor?

      Btw both William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton were credited as Dr Who in the closing credits. It was not until Jon Pertwee (in spearhead from space) that the credits were changed to Doctor Who. So you are wrong anyway.

    That's just royally piss weak from the Sci Fi Club. Let the guy get an autograph, bunch of wankers.

    Last edited 17/05/13 9:22 am

    Lol! Nerds!

    Ahem. *cough* Don't know what came over me. Seriously though... The people I know who like the doctor also like star wars... I can't imagine the kind of nerd-rage cold war that must have been going on in the background building up to this blow-out. Was it some sort of 'no true scotsman' bullshit about who is and isn't a valid fan? Or the implied RANK INJUSTICE of a non-fan having an autograph?

    I chuckle to imagine hardened riot police being dragged out and angried up ready for a brawl like they get against the football lads, only to turn up and look down their noses at a bunch of limp-wristed softcocks who didn't have the decency to even throw a punch at anyone. It's probably a very good thing that police aren't allowed to give 'a proper kicking' for wasting police time.

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