Every Sci-Fi Starship Ever, In One Mindblowing Comparison Chart

Every Sci-Fi Starship Ever, In One Mindblowing Comparison Chart

Holy hell, that is a LOT of starships.

This comparison chart, compiled by DeviantARTist Dirk Loechel, presents what he says is an accurate size-comparison between famous sci-fi starships. As far as I can tell it's got more or less every single sci-fi starship ever, from Star Wars to Warhammer to EVE Online to Halo and way, way beyond. In an update this month, Loechel added a ton more ships to what already must have been a huge collection.

Check out the most recent version below. Our in-post image enlarger can't make it big enough to read, so you'll want to click here to zoom around on the full image.

Every Sci-Fi Starship Ever, In One Mindblowing Comparison Chart

Ever wonder how a Cylon basestar measures up to a Mandalorean Arrowhead Battlecarrier? Wonder no longer.

(Via Ann Lemay)


    When I saw this, I immediately though "Homeworld 1 & 2" and "Firefly" and neither of those are featured here D:

      firefly is in there its about 3 ships up from the right hand side of the independance day ship on the bottom

        Thanks for pointing that out, missed it first time over.

        There are ships from the series, but the main ship, Serentity, isn't here.

      no starcraft, X series, EV, Wing Commander, Freelancer or Freespace either

        This, I spent quite a few minutes looking for the ATF Valhalla from X3:AB or the Midway from WC:P. Also they need to do some basic fact checking, the red dwarf looked a bit small so I went to google, its in that picture as 6000m when it is infact 6 miles (10000m),

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          Yeah, some of these numbers are off. They've got the Reman Scimitar being smaller than the Romulan D'deridex, when it's significantly larger. Red Dwarf's a biggie too.

    This is pretty rad.

    Interesting to see there's been no bigger than Independence Day so far from what's here.

    what about the reapers from mass effect.

      Exactly! I don't see Sovereign anywhere, nor the Collector's ship.

    Yeah, Wheres Firefly, Wing Commander 1/2/3 Starlancer Freelancer, ME, Especially Firefly, and theres even more I can't think off off the top of my head certainly not every sci fi starship ever!

      Yep it has Firefly/Serenity, but then trying to find it is like Where's Waldo.

      I just want to see them battle it out. Hard to call who would really win though with some of the ships on there's specs.

      There are a couple Firefly/Serenity ships in there down the bottom.

      Serenity is there (down the bottom, right of the ID4 ship) but it's not really recognisable.

      Last edited 26/09/13 9:10 pm

    They have Red Dwarf but no Starbug?

    Agree more would be awesome, especially mass effect.

    BUT it does have firefly/serenity if you look mid-bottom.

    I can remember looking at the first iterations of this chart 10 years ago. Showing my nerd age....

      Oh man, me too. When I first saw the article i thought "Damn Kotaku is a bit behind" Was happy to see an update though!

    Bah... 'every'. Yeah, not a single Freespace, Wing Commander nor Colony Wars ship on that chart. So that's a bit of a "Meh" from me.

    nice Robotech ships :-)

      But where is all the Macross Frontier ships? And Gundam... and Voltron :P

    nice to see they had farscape in there, but no Scarran Dreadnaughts?

    Its titled every sci fi ship... and I didn't see anything from Stargate in it... implying that these ships are not in fact sci fi??

      Stargate ships are above the Alien Mothership from Independence Day, go all the way to the far right of that, then up a little.

      Stargate is there, just below the EVE - Caldari Titan.

    Needs TCS Behemoth, and the WC3 Kilrathi Dreadnaught. Sathanas and Lucifer Classes would also be good.

    Death Star?

      Death Star is a space station. So is the Citadel.
      You're correct with the Normandy though, it's not featured.

    Would like to see some ships from Sins of a solar Empire in there. But still cool.

    Hmm, it's missing all The Lesser Evil ships.
    I'm very disappointed.

      I hear you have to pre-order this chart to get them :/

    Just goes to show how ridiculously big some of the ships are..

    And of course, far above all these lowly excuses for "ships" is a single indestructible blue pixel, one that is capable of traversing all of time.
    Seriously though, wheres the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon?
    And the TARDIS should be there, on the inside it could beat all these ships in size.

    Interestingly, the TARDIS would be both too small and simultaneously too large to show on this chart.

      The ships are external views. The TARDIS (regardless of the chameleon circuit) has roughly the same external dimensions as a police box. See the 'naked' TARDIS in Name of the Doctor. It's external size is limited even with a working chameleon circuit. It changes to fit in with it's surroundings. It's outside could not be an entire planet or mountain range. Every TARDIS seen - Rani, Master, meddler etc. Roughly same dimensions. The inside can be ARGUABLY infinite (it is not) because it is another dimension. The outside is the dimensions we live in.

        Clearly a case of the details getting in the way of a good story.

        I really don't see how that doesn't corroborate with my previous comment.

        Its internals have ridiculously obtuse rules/dimensions etc that would clearly expand its arguable size beyond the largest ship in the chart.

        Its external size won't exceed 10m so it can't be shown on a chart where 1 pixel is 10m.

          Because it is not BOTH too small and too large. It is only two small.

            So when you enter a TARDIS, you are shrunk?

            edit - my point being is that if you are not shrunk then the size inside of a TARDIS should it be capable of expanding to external total (which I'm sure it isn't) would be relative to us, and therefore theoretically larger than 24km. It doesn't matter if it's another dimension, in fact the physics of the sci-fi universe don't even matter on a chart where we're just comparing size to a single standard.

            Also an episode as the sixth doctor the chameleon circuit was repaired and the TARDIS appeared as a church organ, proving that the external size of the TARDIS was indeterminate, and therefore only too large as it is too small.

            Last edited 26/09/13 6:36 pm

              1- you don't shrink - as you say its another dimension. It is not relative. That is the entire point.
              2. I am not saying it is exactly the same. Various Tardis have been varying shapes. Statues, columns, a room, a tomb. You are assuming that it can be "only too large as it is too small".
              I suggest you watch Logopolis.
              3. The chameleon circuit is broken - so this enyire debate is rather redundant.

                All these ships could already be inside the tardis making this an internal shot.

                  Ha! The Tardis in the novels actually materialised AROUND the Doctors home planet Gallifrey from memory. Good point.

                Not gone.

                I realise now that you're keeping the relevancy of the chart to only exteriors. I haven't seen all the sci-fi on that chart so I have no idea if any of the ships have space-time warping interiors. So it's pretty easy to assume they are as big on the inside as they are on the outside. So easily I proposed that including the space on the inside, a ship like the TARDIS would be incredibly massive by the chart's scale. Your points only seemed to corroborate mine unless stipulated that with the chart we're only comparing exteriors and that multi-dimensional warping was not allowed. I didn't see until now that that was the perspective you were coming from, so I regress.

                In reply:
                1 - by relative I meant that anything in the TARDIS is only big because we are only so big, if we don't shrink then big things inside would be big things if they were on the outside too.
                2 - I don't think I'm assuming, in fact the wibbly wobbly physics basically make the TARDIS any size it wants. The only caveat is that it could really only be so small, since people need to walk in and out.
                3 - The chameleon circuit being broken is the only thing that makes it too small for this chart.

                  Fair enough :-)
                  One point of note is that the apparently the Doctor can change the size of the doors to incorporate larger stuff e.g a dinosaur. It's not exactly canon - never really explained - it is odd. He can connect the doors to any point in the TARDIS though. So the dinosaur could walk through the doors and enter say a storage room rather than the control room. The TARDIS remains the same size but the doors are bigger! Brain hurts. :-)

    this is amazing,
    i was only just having an argument with a colleague about our fav ships
    he instinctivly chose the UNSC Infinity (which was crashed into the side of a hill by a drunk driver) and i chose the Imperium Class destroyer... dem imperials really knew how to build a schmick ship!

    It would be interesting to see the Death Star compared size-wise to everything else here.

    Doctor Who - Blakes 7.

      Yeah, I was looking for the Liberator but quite a few smaller ships would have missed the cut anyway purely due to the scale. There would have been quite a few omissions if you go back through all the sci-fi over the years. What about the cylinder in "Rendevouz with Rama" or some of the large ships from Dune? Still not a bad "first" effort.

      Maybe everyone should just be invited to submit a list of what is missing so we can all contribute to it being the most comprehensive comparison of ships ever.

        It's been going for a while but still... no blakes 7. Definitely needs the cylinder from Rama :-) It was enormous. Whole city inside. How about the Pirate Planet from DW? It was a drivable planet!!!

    Battleship Yamato / Starblazers, The Last Starfighter, Ulysses 2042, G-Force ... don't say it's "Every Sci-Fi Starship Ever" :-)

    They're all very well, but the LEXX is the most powerful destructive force in the two universes.

    The Executor Class Super Star Destroyer is so awesome.

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