Take A Look At The Improved Tech Behind Call Of Duty: Ghosts

You can't have an emotionally engaging game — which Call of Duty: Ghosts is supposed to be — without lots of polygons and tech improvements. So let's take a look at the tech behind the game, shall we?


    Can you pat them? If you can't pat, I'm not buying. Dog 1 this is team bravo, you are in the clear.

    Dog1: rarrrr
    bravo: haha good one, watch yourself down there.
    dog1: ruf

      I want dog! I want dog!!

      I will love him and care for him and call him friend!

      I don't car how many of my squad dies. As long as "Chewy" is safe and warm!!

    For a 'next gen' effort this is less than I was expecting. But if it still runs at silky smooth 60fps with that killer multiplayer, all is forgiven.

    When they first showed the gameplay, I thought it was being played on 360.

    If they hadn't of done this side by side comparison - I honestly would not have been able to tell the difference.

    I'm so glad that fish are going to move out of the way when you're near. That's the revolutionary experience that is going to change games forever...

    Can't tell if she's having a go or not with that first sentence.

      I think it's a reference to the David Cage speech during the PS4 event. Something to do with more polygons=more emotion :-)

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