Tell Us Dammit: General Thoughts On Xbox One

Yesterday I was tired and angry at the world. Microsoft just appeared to have made a real mess of the Xbox One reveal. The name, the US-centric presentation, the side-stepping of the online issues, the used games issue. It just felt like a complete disaster. But the more I spoke to folks who weren't completely invested in the whole video games thing, the more I realised who this conference was targeted at, and how it might be spun as a positive result for Microsoft.

My brother for example simply said, 'we'll see the games at E3, right?' I was like yeah, but still — what about the used games thing! 'They really haven't explained properly how it's going to work, sounds like they haven't worked it all out yet' he said in reply. And I was yeah... so?

I realised that I was starting to sound a bit like a spoiled child.

Anyway, my point is — after a little bit of distance and perspective I think I feel a little more positive about the whole situation and I thought it might be worth asking you guys and girls who you feel now?


    I'm not feeling anyone ;)

      But seriously, I hate the XBox One.

      The only chance Micro$oft have of me buying one is if
      1) They allow me to use the console without the Kinect
      2) They stop all this cloud shit
      3) Allow me to play games offline and
      4) Not charge us new price for secondhand games

      Until they meet these criteria, the XBox One is dead to me.

        It's clearly marketed at the kind of people who lap up all four thousand Call of Duty titles that come out each year. It sounds pretentious, but I think they've realised their demographic isn't the gaming community, but the "gaming community."

        Now that I think about it, a lot of companies are abandoning us. Maybe we shouldn't have circlejerked Steam, PC master race and retro consoles so hard.

        Or maybe they should just take their heads out of their asses. Bit of column A, bit of column B.

        Steam Summer Sale is coming up though. That should drown out our utopianist, elite, pure race sorrows.

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          I agree. It's a regulated downloadable authenticated bag of bullshit drip fed to the people who want convenience and versatility in a home entertainment unit. One size fits all. Frankly, I'll just use the PC I already own.

          And there in lies the problem. The people who are/ were coveting the new console are the very people who have helped grow the business over the previous cycles. Am I wrong when I say it's those people that are wanting the box to play the next gen games? Yes, games. And I don't wanna share anything with anybody, let alone watch TV on my X-BLOCK so piss of with your feature set which demands additional expense for things I either will not or cannot use... I'm sure for many it will be exactly what they want so whatever floats your boat

          If E3 doesn't prove to me there's a evidence of a great games machine, I'll steer clear all together. I don't give a shit about Kinect. I'm still not gonna rush out for a PS4 either even though I have higher expectations of Sony so far.

          I can't help but feel like MS have been baiting us the whole time just to see how far they can push it with services and kinect focus. Then slowly leak naive denials until they themselves could partially agree on something. Either that or there are significant communication issues between key departments.

          But such is the nature of the internets. Oculus Rift.

        @Evilmoney! Agreed! My money is going to Sony

          And your credit card details are going where?

          This whinging is getting old very quick. Can't we just wait a few weeks, hopefully have some questions answered and let the games do the talking. Bring on the next round of the console war, I'm keen to see both systems exclusives.

            Very true. E3 is a couple weeks away. This was the announcement of the hardware and what it can do and in 2 weeks we will see games.

            Just remember Sony's launch. Yay we have games, but no console. Yet I bet at E3 we will finally have it and that's a much larger gap since their "launch".

        I think this sums up exactly why MSFT is not targeting hardcore gamers with this device; there is NO money on making a console for them. Just look at Sony's results for PlayStation in 2012. They made about 17M profit from about 700M revenue. MSFT has probably done a bit better because they've found other revenue streams from Xbox, like FoxTel subscriptions, Xbox Music, movies and Music purchases, XBLA, etc.

        it is not in MSFT's interest to do any of the above 1 to 5 items listed by evilmonkey (respeccys). If you want that get a PC or an Ouya and pay $10 for your games. If MSFT can produce a viable alternative to the Apple or Google version of the lounge room do-it-all box then that can only be good for consumers.

        Personally I think it'll be pretty cool if I can;

        play awesome games - tick
        multi-task games and others - tick
        Skype the inlaws - tick
        play music and movies from my NAS - tick
        play content from Quickflix or whoever if I choose to pay for this - tick
        play streaming music from xbox music for free - tick
        has better Xbox SmartGlass integration - fingers crossed, currently a bit rubbish
        morphs into a platform that is transportable to desktops & tablets with cloud-saved games, settings and content - who knows, it might just happen... tell me I'm dreamin!

    I don't buy used games
    I don't care about add-on content
    The look of the controller/console looks awesome
    I'm certain it'll play anything and everything amazingly for the next 8+ years

    I'm not disappointed at all.

    I think peoples expectations are way too high. What do people expect from a console... it plays games and has extra features (I get the non AU stuff but we always get screwed so I'm used to it). There's obviously extra features they haven't gotten into yet but as a general "Here's the new XBOX" reveal, I'm totally satisfied.

      Um... yeah. Me too.

      I like good games, and it may have some, despite console misgivings. The sheer level of hate directed at this whole issue seems strange to me... PS4 did the exact same thing.

        Totally agree, will be interesting to see E3, alot of the games at the PS4 announcement are coming to the Xbox One aswell, new controller looks good, Im interested about this Illumiroom, if I could get Free HD TV in NZ through it I'd be happy. Never buy used games anyway, although I do sell mine. If the PS4 can play 2 games at once, this points to no longer needing discs after the initial install which if there was no fee for others to then use the disc the piracy would be pretty rampant I imagine.

        The ps4 actualy gave us something to look foward.

          Seeing the console?
          Personally I look forward to all the game info for the One that will come out at E3.

      How about that inflated price because of all the useless features that we can't even use here in Australia?

      What do people expect from a console? The ability to play games without bullshit getting in the way. With the Xbox One, bullshit gets in the way.

      I just want to sit down, play some god damn video games at a decent price with some god damn privacy. I don't want to be connected to the internet, I don't like my friends, I don't want them to know what I'm doing and I sure as hell don't care about what they're doing.

      Kinect, DRM, and a bunch of services I can't even use here in Australia, are all the reasons why I'm giving my money to Nintendo and Sony.

      If they can win me over with a good Xbox exclusive, I'll consider it, but the future is not looking great for Xbox. Or maybe it is; it seems they've got their Call of Duty, EA Sports and Halo demographic covered. I wish it will crash and burn at the stake though, just so it can be an example of what gaming companies should never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do.

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        here here, even the current gen consoles are kinda annoying. remember when you stuck the disc in the drive and hit the power button and you were playing the game?
        now i gotta start the thing up, log into online servers, download an update, then if theres time play a game. not only that, theres ads in my interface, telling me to buy DLC for a game i just got an hour ago..

          Oh I know the current consoles have their fair share of problems, and that's what makes it worse. We've told them is shit isn't good, yet they've based a whole console around the stuff that pisses us off.

          I think this is what we get for rejecting Nintendo for so long. Sorry for making you guys change demographic by buying an Xbox and a PS2 instead of a Gamecube, I didn't know they would take it this far.

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            Nintendo's online is worse than anyone's or did you forget about the 1-3 hour update that came along with the Wii-U launch?

            I've got a Wii-U and it's already collecting dust because I finished mario, so as much as I want to love Nintendo I think their arrogance will finally catch upto them soon with their lack of titles/underpowered hardware.

              Fenix what I think he means is that despite Nintendo waggling itself to death... Ninty compared to Sony and MS (from the looks of it) - has always been about games, first and foremost.

              Sony and MS want their consoles to be media centres and are completely sales driven (understandably). They think this is the way to get their consoles into homes. Unfortunately I don't think they're completely wrong with these strategies. This is also why whilst finding the conference a disappointment, I see what they're doing and the conference will have catered to many many many consumers, just not me - and evidently not the diehard gaming community. They'll win us all over with decent games I reckon - question will be if all this superflous stuff will get in the way or not.

              If GameCube won that gen, maybe Nintendo wouldn't have resorted to what the Wii became. You're completely correct that Nintendo's online gaming is crap - but that's cause they incorrectly underestimated the value of online gaming. Despite this, from the three - Nintendo's consoles are the most straight forward gaming machines we have now. It's a shame it doesn't have the full library of games to support it.

              As things stand - PS4 conference's focus on games and how they've simplified the architecture is more encouraging than what MS has shown. My main concern for the PS4 will be the firmware - unlike MS - Sony aren't experts in that regard and this may their weakness.

        I think we have to realise that games are more complicated than Q-bert these days so updates/DLC/patches are just a nature of the beast. Things like SimCity's launch or Diablo 3's launch are atrocious testaments to modern gaming but overall I'm pretty sure most people are fine to deal with being connected.

        Pricing, has anything been confirmed? Let's not forget the 360 was about $700+ 8 years ago... so I'd expect about $700-$900 for the xbox one.

        What's so good about xbox/ps4 exclusives anyway... I just want a machine that can bang out the winners and give me a great overall experience, why does XBOX KILLERS come into play so hard... I just see them as a bonus. They probably sell a boatload of EA sports/Halo games so from a sales point of view it makes sense to rehype those games over smaller things. I'm sure all the new stuff like watchdogs/gta V is guarded by the developers so they can't really jump the gun on those.

        The one point I will massively agree on is Kinect being always on, I'm in no way a conspiracy theorist BUT it does trigger some paranoia in me.

          Always listening, Always watching, whilst connected to the Cloud... is of some concern for me as well.

            This is Microsoft not Google. If it was you would yawn and up pops an ad for a Vitamin B supplement.

              Fair enough, it doesn't make feel any less uneasy about it though. I'm sure I'll get used to it, I live in London after all, I'm constantly on camera, just prefer not to be when I'm home.

      Should we not have high expectations of the next generation of games machine? Do we not represent a very minuscule side of a much larger yet segmented group of gamers? Should we sit there with our mouths shut and expect that Microsoft can deliver a worthwhile experience when we take into consideration the expense involved over the duration? And especially given the questionable practices already taking place in the industry like pricing and service availability?

      Can I get an XBOX One for half the price if I don't want all the other shit, only the games capability? No. You're buying a service now as well as a games console. More so then ever before. You better hope it's actually worth it.

      I see where you're coming from and I'm glad you take positive opinion on the new slab. But you yourself are just another part of a much larger cross section of consumers. With any luck your 8+ year prediction is correct. Not long ago Yves Guillemont made a remark about the current console life cycle being too long. Take what you will from that but it does present a much more concerning reality if we end up paying a premium for a service which is not entirely useable... Only to have to upgrade and refresh every 4 years or so. The modular upgradeable solution is much more appealing to me but that is essentially PC territory and couldn't really be defined as a console at this point.

      For me personally, both consoles have shifted towards the ever connected and feature heavy social integration which has absolutely no appeal to me whatsoever. I'm only worried about the games and the features/ specs related to playing games.

      For me at least, it's a wait and see affair. I do recognise that there has been a lot of publicised misinformation. A lot of back and forth between seemingly legitimate and sometimes questionable sources only compounded by the internet and the already hyper connected world. But that's the nature of the beast. We all feed of it, regardless of our stance.

    Firmly in the wait-and-see camp. Until the product is in the marketplace and getting legitimate reviews, I stay at arms-length.

    Unless the product in question is GTA V or Dark Souls 2, I suppose :\

      Remember though, San Andreas came out only 5 months on the original Xbox before the 360 was launched.

        Not sure what your point is, but mine was that I succumbed to hype on those two games and pre-ordered them :P

    I don't like the design. It looks like a serias 3 Tivo. I'm also not liking the whole you need the kinect for it to work. I'm not interested in the kinect and it would be wasted just sitting there collecting dust.

      Also a waste of money. I am not paying for shit I'm not going to use, so Microsoft don't have my cash on this one.

    I'm really not very interested in the system, which is a first for me. I've always been excited for new consoles, but right now, this is more of an "Oh. Alright..." sort of feeling. I'm interested in the Wii U, and the PS4 has a small few things I'm interested in, software-wise, but for the Xbox... nothing.

    I might feel differently when some exclusives are announced, but right now, thanks to it's lackluster announcement, I see no reason for me to even care.

    Some things about it like the controller impress me.

    The TV functionality doesn't interest me one bit.

    The always on Kinect creeps me the hell out and I won't be buying it simply for that. I don't like a camera being in my house that is required to always be on, always be active. Sorry. I know I can 'power it down', but a camera that has to be active so the console can be active is a no go for me.

      Yep. Deal breaker for me too. Online tracking is far too intrusive as it is... Why the hell would I give Microsoft a potentially always on view of my house and MY BIO-DATA? Will I have to cover myself in tin-foil to play BF4? XXXBOX fail for me.

        I've got a son that would be playing it all the time, I don't want anyone monitoring my son in any way shape or form without my permission (no I dont think MS are pedophiles lol)

          That is a bloody good point! My other concern would be hackers

            Dont forget this one.


          The other thing I can see is... Darling what do you want to do about dinner? (Suddenly a KFC ad appears on screen.)

            You know that's nowhere near as absurd as it sounds right? Chances are Kinect 2 WILL pick up on key words and adjust advertising on screen to suit just as Facebook actually scans your browsing history and adjusts advertising to suit. Scary shit huh?

              All those 12 year old COD players yelling obscenities at the TV will be flooded with BDSM and Milf porn marketing.

            I highly doubt it. After MS publishes videos like this
            To go ahead and do the EXACT same would be more of a shot in the foot that everyone is accusing the Xbox One of without the facts. This could be the console that creeps everyone out or it may not be. Next few months will tell.

          You could always put on 30kgs, stop grooming yourself and do all your gaming in the nude.

            So what you're saying, is be the average WoW player?

    i'm totally impressed by all the features. dont care about used games as i dont buy them, i dont borrow or lend games either so that doesnt effect me.
    the internet connection thing doesnt bother me either, I have never had my internet not working for longer than 24 hours at a time over the last 10 years or so i've been using it.

    I'm not sold. Nothing that was shown made the XBone a must buy for me.

    The presentation itself seemed a bit rubbish too.
    - Here's the console you all knew was coming!
    - TV! Other media! Not games!
    - 30 mins later....
    - Here's a handful of games that you already knew were coming, and with the exception of one (?), are all gonna be multi platform releases anyway.
    - DOGGIES!!!!!!
    - End.

    OK. Props for the puppy MS. Also, XBone. Someone in marketing is kicking themselves for not spotting that / or maybe they just wish they came up with it themselves.

    I'm leaning more toward the PS4 right now.

    Maybe after a few years & a price drop or two, depending on the exclusives, I might get one...
    But it's not day-one for me.

    I'll wait until E3 to pass final judgment, but so far it's very unappealing to me.

    I honestly don't feel negative about the XBone at all. I look forward to the new games it'll bring. I'm not totally sold on the possibility that it will require Kinect, but the online requirement is not really that big a deal and I personally will not be affected by the countermeasures against used games. I believe that they will give Xbox Live and the XBL Marketplace the overhaul they so desperately need.

    The only dealbreaker for me will be if the DRM is so restrictive that my wife and I won't be able to share games and DLC on the console like we currently do on the Xbox 360. I do not believe this will be the case, but some people are speculating that it's possible, given what has been said so far.

    either way, I don't need it at launch. Both the PS4 and Xbox One will be out by the end of the year (I believe the XBox will come out first), and I don't plan to buy any new consoles until around March/April. I will have time to decide based on how they perform in that first 3-6 months.

    Im not buying at launch, but the Xbox One just cemented the fact I'm choosing Sony over Microsoft again. Xbox One just seems to be aimed at the Bro-mers (i.e. Call of Duty/Battlefield type gamers)

      I think that's their most profitable demographic, unfortunately. I feel like this console is purely designed for them. Or at least of what we've seen of it so far.

      Makes sense though, they're the ones who pour the most money into their Xbox's, while we all sit here jerking over our expensive PC's and Super Nintendo's. I guess we've brought this on ourselves.

      Oh well, time to give Sony a chance. If they fuck us over too, maybe the Wii U might pick up after all. I'm sure as hell excited for a new Super Smash Bros.

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    I think I've finally worked out why the "online once a day" thing bothers me so much.
    It creates a "used by" date for the console. Any games for it, too.
    One day the servers will shut down and the Xbox won't be able to be "online" anymore, the daily check in won't work and it will die.
    While this is also true of Steam and iTunes, they operate on a different time scale.
    To this day, I can plug in my N64 and play, same with the PS2, and relive the games which withstood the test of time and share that experience with whoever will join me.
    OR maybe I'm just turning into a crusty old crank a little ahead of time.

      Is it impossible to think that when that day comes when they want to push their new new new console they'll have a patch to get rid of "online once a day" thing?

      I don't think it's a legit concern just yet.

        I dunno. Giving their customers free reign to use their old hardware for however long they like, instead of it becoming useless and them having to buy the new hardware instead?

        Sounds like crazy talk to me.

        No way that will happen.

          No way that WON'T happen. Think about how much outrage that will cause. It's essentially stealing all the games that the consumers bought from them.

          OH GOD that irony does wonderful things to my piracy boner.

            Nope, they won't care. They will keep the servers running for a couple years into the new console generation first though.

            Actually that's been discussed in the used game debate and developers have said that games are more like a licence not an ownership. So it comes down to how easy it is to revoke a licence which would be a lot easier than stealing it back.

              This is one of the many reasons I hope the Xbone crashes and burns.

      I pretty much said the exact same thing earlier in the comments of a different article.

      This is exactly what's going to happen. Eventually the servers will be turned off and your console and all your games will be utterly useless. Then Micro$oft will re-sell you all those games again as digital downloads on their next console.

    I'm just going to wait and see what both consoles have to offer at E3.
    Although judging by what has been shown so far, The PS4 looks more user-friendly and simple to use, while the Xbox One looks a bit cumbersome.

    The PS4 focus on games and social sharing seems to be designed with the user in mind, whereas the Xbox One with its TV and (rumoured) anti-used game policy feels like it has been designed with TV Networks and Publishers in mind.

    As a non-xbox user I was looking for something to get me excited, to entice me into the secret society... it didn't happen. I'll wait to see what happens over the next year before considering a purchase.

    Definitely leaning more towards PS4, but ultimately, I think I shall be a PC gamer from here on in. This is kinda the last straw for me.

      Right here with you brother.

      I did buy a Wii U though; I'm just waiting for it to turn around like the 3DS did. Think about them exclusives; there ain't no way people aren't going to buy a Wii U when they realise that it's the only way they're going to play a new Super Smash Bro's game.

        same. PC & WiiU gives me the best of both worlds.

        I've had enough enjoyment from ZombiU, and playing NSMB & nintendoland multiplayer to already justify the WiiU purchase - anything else is a bonus.

          Nintendoland is such a good game. At first I thought it was just going to be some Wii Sports equivalent, but then I thought to myself, "if a game like this, using all of the best Nintendo IP's, came out for the Nintendo 64, it would be up there with Smash and Mario Party."

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    I'm kinda sad. I'm going to miss the Halo series. (I actually liked it for the story, if you can believe it.)

      I liked the Halo story up til Reach, but Halo 4 kind of killed my interest. It just felt so tremendously unnecessary and the story completely failed to serve as a kick-off point for a new trilogy.

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        But... But... Cortana & Master Chief 4eva!
        *blubbers like a child*

    My thoughts on what I have seen..

    - It looks like a Betamax...
    It is also (I believe) wider than my white 2009 model.

    + No disc tray, my current xbox disc tray jams if you close it with no disc in the tray! If it jams (a certain inexplicable occurrence if there's no disc) you have to take off the face-plate and jimmy the damn thing open, so I'm glad M$ discovered 2006 and put in a disc slot instead (hell even the Dell Hybrid has a disc slot)

    + Doesn't look as if they'll be selling gimped SKUs this time around. I remember the original arcade model didn't even have a HDMI output!

    - Will play used games for a fee, it apparently installs games to the HDD, like any PC game these days, if you take loan your disc to your friend (me and My brother swapped a whole lot of games this gen) they can play it too - for a fee, problem is will the fee be $10 (like the whole online pass thing) or will the fee be full price. I tend to think it will be $10 as anything more would obliterate the used game market and would also ensure that Gamestop/EB don't stock your product. Problem for M$ is a whole lot of people (both media and bloggers) are suggesting a full price unlock and M$ is doing nothing to dispel this.

    - Kinect - honestly look at the Kinect you can find in my lounge room...
    Now look at what they brought out today...

    What the f--- is that? It looks bulkier (cuz that's the natural progression of technology) and they've gotten down from two cameras and an infrared sensor down to one camera! Apparently it works better than the current one (don't get me wrong - the current one is quite impressive and a lot of it's problems come down to its basic design premise rather than any technical fault, but it still has a number of annoying limitations - the chief one being that the camera's resolution was limited due to the bandwidth restrictions on the USB ports in the vanilla 360, no such restriction exists in the new one so the higher resolution alone should make it function better.

    + The Controller looks really freaking good:

    Proper D-Pad (I wonder if Nintendo collects a fee for that?) new stick, BACK and START are replaced by VIEW and MENU?? AA batteries still but no more compartment jutting out from the back, and there are vibration motors in the triggers.

    + Apparently they will show 15 new exclusives, 8 of them new IPs. One of those was shown today (Quantum Break) though I don't really know what that is, another will be Crytek's Kinect beat-em-up Ryse and another still will be Respawn Entertainment's new shooter (or so the rumour goes) there is also the promise of a new Rare game. (If they announce either a new Killer Instinct or Banjo Kazooie 3 the internet will explode)

    - In fact after reading about all that development I was chuffed and then I thought - hang on - where was all that great stuff in the last few years of the 360? You know Forza, Fable, Halo, Gears, rinse, repeat. The only place where they've had good exclusives (since 2010 when the last great exclusives Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 came out) was XBLA but they never promote it so who would know.

    I feel annoyed that they've held back all this great stuff in a where Sony is still releasing a tonne of original stuff for PS3.

    Overall they've made so many anti-consumer choices with this new hardware I think I'll pass. Ken Kutaragi would be proud

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      It's been confirmed as full price.

      Think of the disc as simply a different way of "downloading" the game.

        Where has it been confirmed as full price for 2nd hand games? How would that work? Pay $30 at EB and then pay $120 RRP or whatever to reactivate it. That would make used games more expensive. Maybe full price if its not deactivated on the primary account first as that's the same as 2 people buying discs now as remember once installed you never need the disc again.

          But what if you want to bring a game disc to a friend’s house and play there? You’ll have to pay a fee — and not just some sort of activation fee, but the actual price of that game — in order to use a game’s code on a friend’s account. Think of it like a new game, Harrison says.

          “The bits that are on that disc, you can give it to your friend and they can install it on an Xbox One,” he said. “They would then have to purchase the right to play that game through Xbox Live.”

          “They would be paying the same price we paid, or less?” we asked.

          “Let’s assume it’s a new game, so the answer is yes, it will be the same price,” Harrison said.

            It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I can sort of see what he is saying when you take the game to a friends and he plays it and they want the $$$ for that. I personally don't borrow games but I am a lender to my friends. So under this I wont be much of a Library anymore for them.

            But I have read that if you take the game to a friend you can play it as its licenced to your account if you log in on that console. What will be interesting and isn't stated clearly is if you can then both play on the same console while you are logged in.

            We will have to wait and see really. Plus see if public outcry is enough to persuade them to change and MS isn't above changing. Remember when Office 2013 retail was released and the licence was if your system changed even after a warranty exchange you have to buy a new licence of Office. They then back flipped a little to say ok if your replacing with the exact same hardware you are now entitled to reuse your licence.

            You may/may not have read this.
            What's clear is we have no real idea what's happening and wont until they lay it out.

              Cheers mate. I'll raise your gloom with my doom:

              That converts to a little over $50 US if true.

              I think they'll be furiously backflipping until they have an answer at E3.

              God help them if they don't.

                Again more rumours. We are all hoping from one end to the other. E3 can't come fast enough! That is if MS even details it then.

          And yes - it'll make it more expensive to buy and activate a used game.

          Are you surprised that Microsoft would want to usurp GameStop and start pocketing lots of used game cash?

    If Kinect is mandatory, so is not allowing it in my home. It's that simple.

    I worry, not so much about a console failing, but by a lot of the decisions taken that shift even more power away from the consumer, and the potential glow-on to other systems.

    what about the used games thing! ‘They really haven’t explained properly how it’s going to work, sounds like they haven’t worked it all out yet’

    They shouldn't NEED to explain it. Used games should work as follows - take your game to EB / JB / whatever, trade it in for credit, buy another game with said credit.

    I'm sure they've worked out how it's going to work - this thing is launching in about 6 months - if they haven't worked out their business model yet then they're in worse trouble than they know. More likely they know how it will work, what they haven't worked out is a way to spin it so it will sound like something other than consumers getting bent over and rogered with the jagged end of a broken broomstick for the financial benefit of EA.

      Used games should work as follows - take your game to EB / JB / whatever, trade it in for credit, buy another game with said credit.
      So all the profits from reselling a game go to EB / JB / whoever and not the people actually making the game? Sound fair to me (except the part where its bullshit). A better pricing system for new and older games (which if the devs see more money they might be able to do) and perhaps a licence transfer system would be better.

    Watching the conference after waking up yesterday was a terrible mistake. It takes me a long time to fully wake up (even with coffee) and... that didn't help at all. It was just so boring. Heck, I forgot it could play games by the end of it.

    Also, that TV stuff Microsoft harped on about during the conference... will that really be U.S. only? Does that mean they wasted everyone who doesn't live in the US's time?

      Sort of. You did get a sneak peek at the cheerfully overenthusiastic corporate portents of consumer doom that the future holds.

    Unable to find the image. But my thoughts on the whole thing could be summed up but a gif of Cooder and Spud laughing at Homer through the mail slot.

      You want to talk gifs, son? This is the only gif you need.

      EDIT: If you haven't seen the movie Seven then don't click this link - massive spoiler.

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        That wins the internet for today!

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