250GB Xbox 360 Hard Drives Now Sold Separately [Updated]

250GB Xbox 360 Hard Drives Now Sold Separately [Updated]

250GB Xbox 360 Hard Drives Now Sold Separately [Updated]Microsoft has confirmed the 250GB Xbox 360 hard drive is now sold separately in Australia, starting today. But how much?

$199.95 RRP.

While that’s not exactly a compelling price, it’s good to see Microsoft has finally realised that one gigabyte of storage is worth less than one dollar.

Previously, the 250GB hard drive was only available with console bundles, such as the Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect 2 or Final Fantasy XIII bundles.

What this means for the existing hard drive range is not yet clear. We’ve contacted Microsoft to clarify and will update this post when we hear.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed the 120GB hard drive is no longer available. It has been replaced by the 250GB drive. The 60GB “Starter Kit” (which also includes a wired headset, ethernet cable and a three month Xbox Live Gold subscription) will remain on sale at $149.95 RRP.


  • It really is just such a shame that without the whole XBOX specific thing, I can get a TB for less than this… and i own a PS3 which allows it…

  • $200 for a 250G HDD??

    ouch.. thats all i can say about that…

    ..beside i’m sure a wave of outrage is about to hit anyway 😛

    • this is what happens when a company is allowed to monopolize the extras / peripherals market … over priced crap hell i doubt that it even comes with the data transfer cable and disk

  • I know it’s Microsoft and their prepherials are always overpriced… but in comparison though, my 250GB HDD that I got for the PS3 about 2 years ago, $110…

    So yeah… there is no justification for the price they want!

  • I paid $160 for my 120gb and although it is damn expensive I could afford it… now I have it I can’t imagine not having it so it was worth it for me. If it is too much for people then vote with your wallets.

  • I paid about $50 for a 160gb WD hard drive, hacked it and turned it into a 120gb hd, removed the old 20gb hd from the casing and slotted my new one in. There will eventually be a similar hack for the 250gb hdd.

  • I’ll stick with my $60gb HDD that came with the console.
    $200 for 250gb vs $119 for 1500gb. Money grubbing much?

  • I’m picking up a 2TB HDD for $190 this weekend for my NAS.

    It’s almost as if M$ want people to ditch thier old 360’s to get a bigger HDD, hell it would probably work out cheaper.

  • David read(red) my comment last week about the Xbox Thumpstick drives and my general distain for M$’s business practices.

    I know. Who doesn’t have a gripe with them but seriously, just bought a 1TB drive for my PC from Officeworks… $94.

    Hopefully with the redesigned Xbox with built in Natal, they will not have enough room to plug their stupid drives into anymore.

    Very unlikely i know.

  • I scabbed a crummy old 8gb flash drive off my friend.
    True I can only copy 1 game on it at a time but at least I can spend the $200 on something better such as building up my farm on Farmville instead…

  • It’s highway robbery as far as I’m concerned, but then on the other hand I value my xbox live access to much to go mucking around with HDD hacks etc.

    I have a near launch 20 Gb console that has RROD on me once a while back – just within the extend warranty. Every time I turn it on a small part of me holds its breath to see if it’ll boot. I’m hoping the rumours of a slim are true and will be bundled in a Natal package come the end of the year with a decent size HDD.

  • That price really is f’ing ridiculous seeing as you can buy another xbox for cheaper.

    I just upgraded my phat PS3 to 320GB for 70 bucks.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Why not buy one of those bundle packs and then trade it straight back in at EB? I am sure it would work out cheaper than $200.

  • What planet is Microsoft’s main HQ based on? Here on Earth 250gb drives are only worth $50.

    • Hell yes. Looking on Mwave, I can pick up a 250GB laptop hard drive, perfect for my PS3, for less than 100. This is not to do with “Remember when blah blah blah, be thankful with what you have”, this is to do with Microsoft charging such an unreasonable price for something so small in space.

  • Eh i have a 120GB that i got with the Elite – so 250GB is useless to me considering USB support has arrived for the 360. My only concern was DLC taking up too much room.

    I just hope that MS (and even Sony) learn from one another and also from consumers with their next console.

    MS better allow upgradeable HDDs like the PS3 does. I do prefer my 360 but i can damn well list more negatives for it compared to the PS3. Shitty controllers (but they’re so comfortable), Shitty DVD-drive, Shitty no Wi-Fi which is pretty much expected in every other device these days.

    What would be interesting is if MS don’t go with Blu-Ray support with the next console. I don’t expect some Blu-Ray drive for the 360 if it could happen – cause MS seem to be doing well with the games that do get 2 or more discs. But if they don’t go with Blu-Ray for the next Xbox, it seems almost stupid.
    I don’t care much for it when it comes to buying movies, unless it is really worth it, like Avatar for example.
    But Blu-Ray actually has become a little cheaper now and well, popular aswell. Avatar sold almost as much in the US anyway on Blu-Ray than DVD. With more 3D movies coming out, people would want the best quality which is Blu-Ray. Costs for Blu-Ray players are gonna drop with consumer demand. it will be cheap for MS to include it.

    It will be very stubborn of them to not choose that step – and MS are known to be stubborn a lot!

  • I got one from an Australian supplier on ebay from $99 6 weeks ago. It’s probably hacked and is still expensive but I was over my 20Gb HDD.

  • You cannot get banned on xbox live for hacked HDD. It’s the only piece of hardware they cannot detect if its hacked or not. Dvd drives on the other hand….

  • what a rip-off.

    having a 20gig, it’s a pain in the butt to only have room for 1 demo, my XBLA games and the odd bit of DLC every now and then, but I’m happy to juggle all those and save myself $200

    I’d rather 4 lapdances, thanks

  • This policy is a bit counter-productive to MS,as it somewhat limits access to XBLA content, which is the impulse buy stuff and I’m sure they make some nice coin from XBLA.

  • I might get this. I’ve only got about 7gig left on my hard drive. I only save games on it though so I don’t know.

  • Try and get a 120Gb drive cheap, if places still stock them.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a 120gb in the wild before, maybe the 250Gb will have more luck.

    Ans seriously who didn’t see the $200 price tag.

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