The App Store Is Approaching 50 Billion Apps Downloaded, And Of *Course* There Is A Countdown

I find these numbers boggling. When someone says that a game like, say, Tomb Raider has sold 4 million copies I feel as though I can grasp what that means. 4 million people — that's like roughly the population of Melbourne. There is something to compare that number to. Something almost tangible. But when someone tells you that the App Store is rapidly approaching its 50 billionth download — what does mean? How can we even comprehend that? What do we compare that number to?

So the Apple App store is approaching its 50 millionth download, and they have a countdown — although technically it's a countup. Last I check it was sitting at 49.2 billion. Who knows how long it's going to take to hit 50 billion, I certainly wouldn't sit there staring at it for too long if I were you.

But it might be worth checking in on every once in a while!


    yeah but there are apparently over 852,800 actively developed apps, if you divide it by five billion you still get like 58630 downloads each, which in itself is not bad but when you take into account tomb raider being one title, it seems a little bit short sighted.

    Wouldn't this number be inflated due to the number of people that re-install apps on their new iPhone every year when Apple makes an updated model?

    Roughly 1000 downloads per second, roughly 800,000,000 downloads remaining... that gives us about 9 days til the 50 billionth app is downloaded.

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