This BBC Report On Video Games Is Surprisingly Nerve-Wracking

The BBC surely meant well in profiling Sophia George, first game designer in residence at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Opening the public's minds to gaming, yes, yes. Good stuff. But... I the only one who was worried she was going to bump into all that nice art while walking and gaming simultaneously amid all that fragile, smash-able art?

Jump 30 seconds in if you want to get to the first dangerous moment in the clip.

There are times, TV producers, when you don't need to have your interview subjects walking through your b-roll. While they're playing games on a tablet in an art museum full of expensive sculptures is one of them.


    Shouldn't she be in some room with no windows banging out code all day long till the early hours?

    I was expecting something more sensationalist. I was not expecting to find myself more anxious and worried than if I'd been reading/watching something sensationalist. o.0; . o O (JESUS LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING)

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