This Man From Melbourne Made A Hylian Shield From Scratch. It's Awesome.

In The Legend of Zelda Hylian Shields are important — you know why? Because they don't completely burn to ashes when touched in the frickin' fire dungeon ya dingus! Leigh Klaver from Melbourne loves this shield so much he attempted to make one in real life. Then he put together a fairly comprehensive guide on how to build it from scratch.

Leigh's been kind enough to let us cherry pick a few pics from our site, but if you want to find out, in great detail, how to build one for yourself, you should head over to his site. It's serious business man. A lot of work went into this thing.

Leigh tends to build a lot of things, this chap. Other things he's put together in his spare time include a door that looks like the entrance to a Tardis and an awesome looking map of Westeros.


    So awesome and I like the triforce stand as well.

    pretty cool though i think it would "completely burn to ashes when touched in the frickin’ fire dungeon".

    The progress shots really make it that much more impressive.

    Thanks for the kind comments all, glad you like it!

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