Watch Zelda Draw Her Life

Princess Zelda heard about all those "draw my life" videos on YouTube and decided to try her artistic hand at a similar one for herself. She's certainly had a... unique enough life to warrant one.

These kind of videos can be a really emotional or fascinating look into someone's personal life, but I think doing them for video game characters is a really neat idea. It's also a pretty fun way of either reminiscing about a video game or learning about one you never played. We need more of these.


    hahaha that was quite good.

      I know. I had seen it on my youtube page but I didn't think it looked good so I skipped it. It showed up on here so I gave it a chancr

    Wait a minute... are there Skyward Sword spoilers here? It feels like I'm missing out on something here...

      It you take the assumption that anything you don't know probably occurred in a separate media like a comic or the TV show, then you can live in blissful ignorance like me.

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