Wow, Rome's Most (Allegedly) Debauched Ruler Looks Just Like Joffrey

On the left, the Emperor Caligula, one of the most famous - and notorious - rulers of ancient Rome. On the right, Jack Gleeson as Joffrey in the Game of Thrones TV series.

It's a cute likeness if the physical likeness is all you see. But Caligula has long held a reputation - one that, to be fair, is being dialled back substantially by modern research - as one of Rome's most debauched public figures, a man renowned for depravity, sexual excess and cruelty.

Just like Joffrey. And yes, before you ask, the bust on the left is real, not a Photoshop job. Here's an alternative angle.


Caligula and Joffrey look alarmingly similar. [Reddit]

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    It sends shivers down my spine to think Joffrey actually existed at some point in history. What an awesome coincidence (not sure about those ears though).

    Clearly was the inspiration for Joffrey then? Right down to his alleged personality.

    I kinda feel bad for the kid that plays him.

      I feel bad for the character. In the book he was not funny looking like he is on screen. In fact is almost nothing like the kid they got playing him.

        Sure, the looks are different, but I think Jack Gleeson nails the character.

        Great casting IMO.

    Coincidence? Or the hard work of experienced casting directors, hair and costume designers putting their skills to Actual Use?

    You decide.

      Yeah it's amazing how good things can be when faceless accountants are kept out of the making of the show.

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