"Y Cant Metroid Crawl" Guy Beats Metroid, Is Hilarious

Last time we checked in on Miiverse, some players were having trouble with Super Metroid. We shook our heads. We snarked about them damn spoiled kids. But at least one of those folks — PaulyU — persevered and finished the game. Here's the spoilery proof.

Hooray! Granted, he stumbled on his way there. ...a lot. Apparently these are but a third of his posts on Metroid:

Despite the trouble he had, Pauly's other posts prove there's an art to Miiverse. Maybe these are troll posts — I can't say. What I do know is, they're flippin' hilarious. Take a look:


    Give him Metroid 1....I wanna see the buuuuuuurn

    Astounds me that after all these years, people still think the name of the main character is Metroid.

      Zelda? I love that guy!

    Took me like 9.5 hours when I was 14.

    Followed that up with a quick enough time to see Samus in her knickers straight after :D

    This is great. I never understood the idea of social gaming like this but this is pretty awesome.

    Given what the xbox one is going to do, I'm tempted to buy a Wii U...

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