Boy Thinks He's Meeting Iron Man, Meets Actor Instead, Gets Very Sad

Jaxson Denno, who is 18 months old, is a huge Iron Man fan. So when his parents found out Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr was nearby shooting a movie, they arranged the meeting of a lifetime.

Like only an 18-month child could though, Denno burst into tears when introduced to Tony Stark, because... he wasn't in the suit. No suit = no Iron Man for a tiny human. Cue the tears and the amazing photo up top.

The story ends on a brighter note though; seems once Downey Jr started talking, Denno recognised the voice, and all was well.

Robert Downey Jr. Comforts a Child Disappointed Not to Meet Iron Man [People]


    "It's alright kid, i have the same effect on women"

    When my sister was like 2 or 3, my dad came home from a business trip with a moustache, and she burst in to tears saying "That's not my daddy!"

      Haha. My kids did the same when I shaved my beard off yesterday. Got home, they ran to the door yelling daddy and stopped when they saw me and just stared at me for a bit.

      Last edited 15/06/13 11:00 am

        lol poor buggers

          Poor kids? Poor partner. Losing a beard... good god. @freezespreston think of the children! Think of the partner!

          It's always a tragedy when a beard falls. Still... At least your loved ones can take comfort in the words of Jean Cocteau:
          "There is always a period when a man with a beard shaves it off. This period does not last. He returns headlong to his beard."

        They were merely considering whether to disown you for murdering a beard.

        hahahahaha, I actually had the same reaction when my Dad shaved his mustache when I was about 6 or 7 XD

        i'm not surprised! I did the same when I saw you yesterday! lol

    Downeys face kinda says it all. That 'fuck off with your camera' look...

    I remember watching Family Ties as a kid and thinking 'Why aren't they calling him Marty?'

    Kids are easy to disappoint. If you promise them something you must be very specific and deliver on that 100%. Parenting 101 for sure.
    Sad for the kid.

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