First Look At The Kiki's Delivery Service Movie

In Japan, they're making a live-action Kiki's Delivery Service movie. Today in Japan, a photo of Fuka Koshiba, the actress playing Kiki, was released online.

The photo was taken on the first day of the movie's principal photography in front of Kiki's house in the movie. So, I guess, that means this is the final costume.

And it's a horrible costume! Look at those shoes. Look at them. Also, why's her bag so damn dark? And where's the ribbon?

Online in Japan, some seemed upset that the movie Kiki doesn't have a big bow in her hair and trashed this press photo because of that.

Others noted that the movie cannot look too much like the anime, or Studio Ghibli, who's not connected to the movie version, might get upset. Some, however, said the movie version looked fine.

Who knows, maybe the movie will be terrific. Yes, Kiki's Delivery Service was originally a book — a book that, as noted above, Studio Ghibli adapted into a fantastic anime. That's what this movie has to overcome: an iconic anime that has since defined the book. This makes the decision to do a live-action version even more puzzling. The anime is great, so what's the point of a live-action flick?

実写版『魔女の宅急便』待望のキキ写真解禁! [Excite]


    Exactly my thoughts: "Why would anyone DO this??" Oh well, I suppose they have a right to. Let's hope it's not awful.

      Why, why WHY? Out of all the Ghibli films to make live action, I would never have picked Kiki! It's perfect as it is.

        Technically, they are adapting the original novel that Kiki's delivery service was based on.

        It's arguably the one that'd translate mostly easily to a film adaption. The story is simple and straightforward, there are only a few characters and the fantastical elements aren't particularly complex.

    Like they said already, they're adapting the Original Novel.
    She is wearing the same costume of the book, where Kiki doesn't have a bow for example (check the pictures or just the cover). They said that they were adapting that, so it won't look like the animated movie; it's not a surprise or something bad. You can't get upset because it's a (more) faithful version of the story = ) .

    'Accidental' underage pantie shots engage!

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