Here’s A Pretty Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Metal Gear Solid V

Here’s A Pretty Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Metal Gear Solid V

Many Metal Gear Solid fans aren’t exactly happy that David Hayter will not — as far as we can tell — be reprising his role as Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V. That much isn’t surprising. Amusingly, the inability to let Hayter go has led some fans to concoct a ridiculous conspiracy theory about what’s actually happening with MGSV.

The idea is this: Earlier today, in what seemed to be a snipe at Konami, David Hayter compared Kiefer Sutherland to New Coke. New Coke was introduced in 1985 in an attempt to update the Coke formula. People rejected it, and Coke’s original formula was reintroduced as “Coca-Cola Classic”.

Here’s where it gets interesting: New Coke has a conspiracy theory, which postulates that it was all a giant ruse to get Coke Classic sales up. So while Hayter’s tweet could be interpreted as a dig, it could also be interpreted as a nod to Konami’s attempt to do the same thing with Hayter. This reading is hopeful that Hayter will still be in the picture somehow — reintroduced at some point as “Snake Classic” and ultimately driving up sales for the new Metal Gear Solid.

Get it?

Here’s an image that has been floating around that “explains” the conspiracy theory (click to enlarge):

Its, uh, pretty out there. Not sure if I buy into it, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Kojima still had tricks up his sleeve. That’s his style, after all.

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  • I do the voice for Big Boss since people say I do an accurate impersonation of him.

  • i just freaking LOVE it!! cannot wait to play this GAME! and im ready for it’s pleasant surprises 😉

  • Lets consider the facts…

    Ground Zeroes is revealed, it has nice graphics but it looks like Peace Walker 2/Snake Eater 3 – no one is excited

    The Phantom Pain is unveiled in frankly my favourite trailer of this generation none of it made sense, it looked ultra scary, you watched it then you immediately had to watch it again, then you wanted to know more.

    Then the theories spring up: that looks like Big Boss, this other guy could be Psycho Mantis, you can see Metal Gear Solid V in the title.

    Then they have a guy wrapped in bandages spruiking the game to GameTrailers and then we got the reveal MGS5

    This unleashing the biggest tidal wave of timeline speculation that I’ve seen since Lost was on TV

    Now there’s a weird situation where they’ve hired a new voice actor for Snake (both conforming to the trend this year – see Batman and Sam Fisher – and outdoing it)

    Aaaand we’re back to conspiracy theories: is this all a ruse? Is Solid Snake in the game? Is a beverage conglomerate somehow involved.

    Kojima is a master of promotion and I am buying this game!

  • either that or big boss remains as keifer sutherlands voice and you meet up with solid during the game. i prefer that option, since depsite mgs3 being my favourite, i still see hayter as solid and not the boss, the boss was portrayed pretty well by at the end of mgs4. i liked him having a different voice, doesn’t change the fact that big boss is the best character of all time.

    • either that or big boss remains as keifer sutherlands voice and you meet up with solid during the game

      I thought that until I realised that would make Solid Snake 12 yrs old in MGS5. Perhaps there are plans for re-makes of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2? Or a prequel series with Solid Snake set before the Shadow Moses incident? Sequels to MGS4!!!!!!!!!?????
      Holy crap dammit, the directions this franchise could take are endless!!

  • I just don’t know anymore…

    I will say this though – The scenes in the trailer with Keifer looked like it was all done in a day. There were shots of him talking with the dots on his face but NO shots of him walking around or doing anything that would be considered full body motion capture (no dots on body etc). The footage of Keifer taling and making faces alongside a monitor showing Big Boss mimicing his head and face movements looked like it could be set up to get that information from ANYONE, not a specific character, it was just a static body, not even posed or anything, like they were just mucking around. It even has a scene where Keifer is LEAVING the mocap studio (with his bag i think) in a hallway shaking Kojima’s hand with some press photographers around, in other words the visit looks like it was ‘staged’ as a promo, not an end to one (of many) actual days of full work doing voice/face/body mocap. He is wearing the same clothes throughout.

    SO is this all information pointing towards Keifer’s role as a CAMEO? Is he playing Snake as in SOLID SNAKE? as in the first chronological appearance of him? or as BIG BOSS, with Hayter still playing the main snake/big boss.


  • Too complicated. The character you play will not be Snake, but a man who looks like and appears to be Snake, but is voiced by Sutherland. David Hayter will play the role of the Deepthroat/Iroquois Pliskin character in the story, later revealed to be the real Snake.

  • i know whats really going on–re watch the press vid–theres more 2 it then just a marketing theory–kojima is telling u need 2 be looking for–u just have to pay CLOSE ATTENTION–

  • sutherland looks like he doesn’t know who kojima is in the video when they are taking pictures together.

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