Beloved Solid Snake Voice Actor Says He Wasn't Asked To Be In Metal Gear Solid V

We don’t hear from Snake in the Metal Gear Solid V videos shown today — unless he's the guy talking at the end of the trailer. But even what we might have heard from the main character of Hideo Kojima’s fan-favorite series sounded different. There may be a reason for that.

It appears that actor/screenwriter David Hayter, who’s done the English language voice for Solid Snake in every Metal Gear game, won’t be reprising the role in Metal Gear Solid V.

Hints first came a few weeks ago on Twitter, when Hayter wondered how fans might feel if he weren’t in the game.

Then today, Hayter seemed to confirm on Twitter that he wasn’t going to be involved:

Meanwhile, it sure sounds like Ishmael — the character who helps Snake up in the gameplay trailer — is being voiced by Kiefer Sutherland.

Now this could be all another round of Kojima misdirection, like the whole Phantom Pain/Joakim Mogren/Moby Dick Studios red herring that surrounded the reveal of the game now known to be Metal Gear Solid V. Hayter may still be involved in MGS V but as a different character, and it may be that he wasn’t technically asked as it was mutually understood that he’d be involved. But, if Hayter’s remarks are true at face value, then Metal Gear Solid V may be the end of an era for English-speaking fans of the stealth franchise.

Kotaku has reached out to Hayter and Konami and will update the story if they respond.

Here's Hayter as Snake (jump ahead 90 seconds):

Here's Hayter as himself in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Here's what the new Snake — the guy with the shiny new arm — sounds like in the gameplay video:


    Gaming has changed.

    It's no longer about gameplay, stories, or characters. It's an endless series of multiplayer, fought by publishers and dudebros.

    Gaming--and it's consumption of life--has become a well-oiled machine.

    Gaming has changed.

    Gamer-tagged players, carry Pre-ordered weapon skins, use Day-One DLC gear. Achievements inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities.

    Gameplay control, story control, character control, interractive control…everything is monitored and kept under control.

    Gaming…has changed.

    The age of gameplay has become the age of money, all in the name of averting average wages from the playerbase who considers themselves fans, and he who controls the dudebros, controls gaming.

    Gaming…has changed.

    When the game is under publisher control, gaming becomes routine.”

      Lets hope the Metal Gear series can be the last bastion of integrity, where you buy a game and you get the full game. Where bonus camos and weapons are unlocks and free downloads. Like some kind of Outer Heaven.

    well of course, because we can't have the same voice actor when you, Big Boss, MEETS SOLID SNAKE FOR THE FIRST TIME ADEJAKHAFADAS /conspiracy


    What is this Stupidity?! David Hayter is Snake, he is the Voice and his voice is Snakes Soul! Its not going to be the same :(

    He's not playing Snake. He's playing Big Boss.

    Bit telegraphed! :P
    Though I could be wrong. #EternallyHopefully

    Well, if people would remember the end of MGS4, he was old, and was voiced by Richard Doyle. It would suck to have David Hayter not included at all in MGS5, and I don't think he won't make an appearance, but if he doesn't, I won't let it prevent me from enjoying the game. Well... not too much.

    It's Splinter Cell Blacklist all over again! lol

    Not that it will stop me from buying it though....

    What a stupid decision!! I want to hear what the "official" response is to this one.

    The only thing this is going to do is piss of the actual fans of the series. The new players wouldn't care, but to everyone else it's likely to be a disappointment.

    It'd be hard to fathom why Hayter would not play SOLID Snake. It's worse than Michael Ironside not voicing Sam Fisher because argueably, Snake is the more iconic of the two characters. I know he played Big Boss/Naked Snake in MGS3 but he didn't in 4 so I'm hoping that's the reasoning. That or I'm hoping that it is just typical Kojima misdirection. Maybe Solid will pop up somewhere in the game and be voiced by Hayter.

    Not only has Hayter been Snake since day one (on the PS1 at least) but he looks like Solid Snake also. Not casting him in the live action version was one thing, but not including him in MGS5 is kind of heartbreaking for me (besides, wasn't there not going to be another MGS with Snake? He won the war, and was going to take a break from it all. Broke Hal's and Sunny's hearts too :( )


    Pull the other one Kojima :D

    Im confused what snake is the MC, It seems to be both at different stages.

      It's all big boss.
      Solid snake was cloned from him while he's was in the coma.

        Mmm I don't think so... Solid Snake was born 1972, that's before Peace Walker('74) happened.

          In MGS Twin Snakes it's mentioned that big boss was in a coma when they commenced the Les Enfants Terribles project. But what your saying makes sense too so i dunno

            Maybe this is the second coma he's been in? Haha. There have been quite a few other things ret-conned from MGS1.

            It's since been said that the Les Enfants Terribles project started by Zero and Paramedic was the reason that Big Boss left The Patriots. That doesn't mean he wasn't in a coma for it, but he was at least aware that it had happened.

            Also, there is a conversation in Peace Walker between Kaz and Zero where they talk about how the 'sons' are doing, confirming that the cloning happened before the events of Ground Zeroes.

              I do believe your right good sir. Apparently that conversation in twin snakes may be translated incorrectly, the Japanese version doesn't use the word coma.
              Dammit now you've got me so psyched for this damn game i wanna know the exact timeline lol


    Hayter is in this game. He's playing up to the great twist surprise in the game. He plays a cameo appearance as Solid Snake. End of discussion.

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