Hideo Kojima Excluded David Hayter From The New Metal Gear To Freshen Things Up

Hideo Kojima Excluded David Hayter From The New Metal Gear To Freshen Things Up

Yesterday, news broke that David Hayter — the man who’s been the voice of Solid Snake in all the English-language releases of the storied Metal Gear Solid games — wouldn’t be coming back to reprise the role. Worse still, Hayter said that he wasn’t even asked to return. Last night, during a televised interview on GameTrailers, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima confirmed that a new voice actor will be playing the main character of Metal Gear Solid V.

Host Geoff Keighley, Kojima said the following: “What we’re trying to accomplish is [to] recreate the Metal Gear series. It’s a new type of Metal Gear game and we wanted to have this reflected in the voice actor as well.” When Keighley asked about who would be doing the main character’s voice, Kojima said he couldn’t say at this time.

With this confirmation, Hayter’s exit appears to confirm that this is a creative decision and not part of any promotional misdirection from Kojima. Fan disappointment at the prospect of a Hayter-less Metal Gear has sparked a petition demanding the return of the actor/screenwriter to Metal Gear. But, with the game production already underway, getting Hayter back into the recording booth seems increasingly unlikely. And if Kojima’s pulling another trick on the fans, he’s going pretty far with this one. The full GameTrailers interview is below.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


  • The Hayter-Snake connection in my mind is pretty dern strong, but I’m willing to give this change a chance. I dunno though, I can’t help but think if theyre gonna change his voice, they should at least change his appearance a bit too. It’s like if one day your best friend just started talking in a whole new voice…it would just be a bit unsettling for me…. Like she/he suddenly switched bodies with someone else or someone was wearing one of them Mission Impossible face changing masks or something…I dunnno….I hope what i’m saying makes sense

  • Well, in the main reveal video, I see Liquid Snake saving Solid Snake on a horse. While Snake/Big Boss is infiltrating a compound. Also, that child is Solid Snake also, which means the heavily burned dude must be The Sorrow – who is Snake/Big Bosses father.

    Which means, to me, that this game is set before Metal Gear Solid, but after Snake Eater. Allthough, it could take place in multiple time periods!
    Which means the child could also be the original Snake!

    • And remember that, in Snake Eater, Snakes Commander is “Major Zero.”

      Also, Revolver Occelot is in the Jeep that The Sorrow is traveling in.

      • Err what?

        The Sorrow is Ocelot’s father and died before Snake Eater started. Considering he was shot by the boss and we see his corpse decomposed to just bones and a big part of 3 is the fact that he is a ghost, he’s not coming back.

        By the time this game takes place Snake and Liquid would be ten at most, since this game takes place very soon after Peace Walker. The Child is not any of the Snake children because his hair colour is all wrong. I’d wadger it’s a young Pyscho Mantis because of the gas mask and because of the guy on the horse.

        The man on the horse is more likely than not Ocelot since he has the same mustache, hair style and even the same-style duster and boots, plus one of the codec calls in MGS1 states he enjoys Spagehtii Westerns. By this point it’d be almost two decades after Snake Eater so Ocelot would be about 40, around the same age of the guy on the horse.

        This game does take place in multiple time periods; 1974 just a few months after Peace Walker, since the Ground Zeros trailer has you going into Gitmo to rescue Chico and find Paz, and the trailer also has Kaz and Big Boss fleeing a burning Mother Base, then 9 years later in 1983 when Big Boss wakes up from his coma.

        • No, The Sorrow is Naked Snakes father, and the Big Boss is Snakes mother – (Snake becomes The Big Boss.) Solid and Liquid are clones of Snake.

          Ocelot is Russian. Psycho Mantis is german.

          And, no, there is no reason to believe that The Sorrow was even dead in Snake Eater, as he appears at the end boss battles holding up signs behind Volgin, with how much time you have left to defeat Volgin and escape.

          And now when I think about it, when you first encounter The Sorrow – it is actually Psycho Mantis. Or it could be Decoy Octapus – who is never referred too, except at the beginning of Metal Gear Solid.

          There is a scene, if you look closely, with Liquid rescuing Snake, also on a white horse. Remember Metal Gear Solid is set a little bit after the end of the Cold War (late 80’s early 90’s). Snake Eater, during the Cold War (1960’s).


          • Apart from all the othe inaccuracies you listed… The guy on the horse is Ocelot. And The Sorrow is dead.

          • Everything you two are saying is conjecture. Which shows me you both miss the key thematics of Metal Gear itself.

            So in other words, you both are clearly and easily misdirected by how Kojima writes, & presents, the literal side of the story, and overlook the actual facts to the whole Metal Gear mythos. Of which I can say, without a doubt, that over 70% of the story, and it’s facts, are not definite and have not even been filled in yet by Kojima.

            Whether you believe it or not, The Sorrow IS Snake’s father. And The Big Boss was Snakes mother. That was one of the main points of the entire story of Snake Eater. That he had to defeat his own mother! And that is why The Big Boss had a scare on her stomach, in the shape of an S.

          • 1. The Sorrow and Boss(Joy) had a child called Adam who became Ocelot.
            2. Naked Snake is half japanese and half American.
            3. The big Boss had three sons via cloning – solid, liquid and solidus and Eve gave birth to them

          • No. Naked Snake is the Bosses son. And if The Boss also had Ocelot. Than they are brothers.
            Solid and Liquid are twins, born from Eve’s one night stand with Snake. Solidus was an hybrid clone based on Volgin and Eves DNA – Volgin was raping Eve, you know. (Solidus was not a triplet)

            And what that could mean, too, is Eve was used to extract DNA (semen) from Volgin AND Snake.
            Eve was actually an agent of the Peoples Republic of China – she did not defect to China.

            The Philosopher’s Legacy is The bosses DNA. Volgin did not understand this. Volgin would have to be Ocelots father, in that case.

          • You don’t get it hyperthx;

            Naked Snake is 29 by the time of Snake Eater, as confirmed by Peace Walker ten years later where he’s 39.

            The Boss got the scar from the C-Section on D-Day, which was 19 years previous to Snake Eater, which also happens to be the same Age as Ocelot in the game.

            Basic Math.

            The Sons of Big Boss were made from the Les Enfants Terebes project, being clones of Big Boss. They were emplanted into EVA’s womb via IVF along with six other embryos which were aborted to increase the chance of sucess for the project, where Liquid was given Big Boss’ positive genes and Solid the recessive (as outright stated by Liquid in MGS1).

            Solidus was the third clone, created seperately to be completely identical, hence why Liquid Ocelot uses his DNA code to break the SOP system since he was a perfect DNA match.

            The Philospher’s Legacy is $100 Billion dollars hidden on a microfilm of which banks it was laundered to, which is why The Boss hands you that microfilm.

            Again, have you played the damn games because you get the mot basic facts wong.

          • I don’t know what to say apart from that you are factually wrong.

            Here are some facts that should clear some things up for you. Don’t try to dispute any of these unless you have some hard evidence. You don’t appear to have played all the games in the series so I’ll warn you now about SPOILERS AHEAD.

            1. Phantom Pain is set in the mid 80’s, Liquid Snake would be around 10-15 years old, he does not rescue the man in bandages.
            2. It is Big Boss, not Solid Snake, that is in bandages and is saved.
            3. The things that are happening in the trailer are happening nine years apart. The guy in bandages is Big Boss, he wakes from a coma which he slipped into after Mother Base (the MSF base he built up in Peace Walker) is attacked. The base was attacked whilst Big Boss was away rescuing Chico, the young boy from Peace Walker.
            4. The Ground Zeroes part of the game is set shortly after the end of Peace Walker. The Phantom Pain part is nine years after that.
            5. Solid Snake was not in that trailer.
            6. The Sorrow is not in that trailer (certainly not in any way he has appeared previously).
            7. The Sorrow is dead. He was seen in MGS3 as a lifeless skeleton and as a ghost.
            8. The Sorrow and The Boss had a child, that child is Ocelot.
            9. We do not know who Naked Snake/Big Boss’s parents are. The Boss may be a maternal figure to him but she is not his biological mother.
            10. The Boss was never called The Big Boss.
            11. Yes, there is reason to believe The Sorrow is dead in MGS3. We see his corpse, we see his ghost, we are told he was killed by The Boss on a mission. The fact that she killed her lover for duty is an important part of her character!
            12. Psycho Mantis was Russian, not German, and was born 1970. Snake Eater happened in the 60’s so Mantis was not there as The Sorrow.
            13. Decoy Octopus has only appeared in MGS1 so far, posing as the DARPA chief, dieing from Foxdie. He has no connection to The Sorrow.
            14. It is Ocelot that rescues Big Boss on the horse, not Liquid. He resembles him in many ways. The brown duster from the later games, the red scarf from the earlier games, he has a revolver in his belt!
            15. You say yourself that a lot of Metal Gear is speculative. That’s exactly what you are doing when you say Big Boss is The Boss’s son, speculating. There is nothing to confirm that connection. The Boss’s S shaped scar was from a caesarean on the battlefield during WW2 – this is confirmed in a codec call in MGS3. Big Boss was born in 1935. I can’t find confirmation for his birth year but he did fight in the Korean War, 1950. And The Boss was born 1922. unlikely that she is his mother.

          • The confirmation of Big Boss’ birth year is Zadornov’s comment that he was “Dead at 39, just like Che.” Peace Walker takes place in 1974, so that would mean 39 years before is 1935.

            The Boss was born in 1922, which would make her 13 at the time of Naked Snakes’ birth, which means that Kyperthex is saying that a thirteen year old girl gave birth to our protagonist of 3. That’s fucked up.

          • Finally someone who knows their MGS lore! Don’t know what that hyperthx person was talking about. I tip my hat to you sir.

          • Volgin also has a Revolver in his belt in Snake Eater. Volgin also displays super-human powers as does Solidus in Sons of Liberty. Side note – Arsenal Gear was a Virtual Training facility for Raiden, though the battle with Solidus took place outside of Arsenal Gear which was never shown in Frame. That whole Raiden portion of Sons of Liberty was a simulation… (though you can figure that one out on your own). Like I said, Volgin thought the Philosophers Legacy was money.
            Snake Eater was set in 1964. D-Day was in 1944 – so you’re out by one year.

            The Boss also refers to all of the Cobra Team as, “her sons.”

            Also, Big Boss visits Old Snake (Solid Snake) at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, in the GraveYard. After the credits. Which would make him 79. (If born in 1935)

            Also the fact that no Metal Gear Solid has ever stated specific times and dates in the over-arcing story or plot. A lot of the info you are sprouting is from characters in the games, who themselves, do not know their own Heritage let alone a specific numerical history of it.

            Of all the Metal Gear Solid V videos released so far, none give any indication of anything you have just said as anything but interpretation – the same as my original post. Remember Snake Eater started with Snake wearing a mask of Raiden – who was not even introduced until Sons of Liberty. Though Raikov is obviously the source of Raiden.

            Like I said, classic Kojima misdirection, both in game and outside the game!

          • @hyperthx I don’t even know where to start.. are you trying to say that the Plant section of MGS2 was all VR training? To make Raiden into a super soldier like Solid Snake, by making him emulate a similar situation?

          • Volgin does not have a revolver on his person, nor does he carry a gun at all since all he needs to do is hold a bullet and he can use his electric powers to shoot it at people. Him holding a gun would actually be a terrible idea for the same reason Cole from Infamous holding one doesn’t work; the electricity that courses through his body would cause it to cook off seeing as he starts sparking a lot.

            Also he would know the Legacy was money since he founded his own private weapons research and development program from it. And since he has an entire army equipped top of the line and cutting edge weaponry from the funds he recovered from it, and the Legacy was created at a time when DNA wasn’t even understood.

            Arsenal Gear is visable during the fight with Solidus; it’s right along the top of the area you fight and seen many times in the ending cutscene. As per the script of MGS2 there was a scene made where we saw Arsenal Gear plow through NYC and dislodge the Statue of Liberty, but it was cut after 9/11 as it was deemed to be in poor taste to show half the city getting crushed.

            The plant chapter was not a literal simulation; it was set up by the Patriots to occur, but with real flesh and blood actors seeing as both Snake and Otacon were present on the Big Shell and reference this fact in 4, especially since Otacon’s FUCKING sister died on it.

            Alright I double checked and yes, Ocelot is 20 in Snake Eater. That just proves my point, The Boss got her snake scar from her C-Section on D-Day in June 1944, Ocelot is twenty in September 1964 and is the son of a famous Russian War hero (The Sorrow) and a woman who gave birth on the battlefield and was left with a snake-shaped scar (The Boss).

            Yes, Big Boss is 79 at the end of MGS4. You can do basic math. By that point he’s spent about 20 years on ice and is made up of pieces from two of his own clone sons.

            And despite you butchuring a quote from Hideo, both MG1 and 2 have dates attached, both of which had their events referenced multiple times across the series (Dr. Madnar who fixed Raiden is confirmed by Hideo to be the same one from MG1 and 2 who created Metal Gear, both Outer Heaven and Zanzibar land and brought up many times, especially in 1 and in the explanation of the Zero/Big Boss war by Eva in 4), and to cap it all off both Solid and Liquid are confirmed on screen in text in MGS1 to have fought in the first Gulf War in 1991, which was several years before Snake joined Foxhound, in which he was a rookie agent when he infiltrated Outer Heaven in 1995. and all games and sources since those games have reffered to the first MG game taking place in 1995. So no, it’s not non-canon and out of the mythos, it happened and has never been taken out of the story. Hideo said that he considered the series to have started at MGS1 because of the shift from 2d to 3d, but never ignored what he wrote for them and if anything expanded on them.

            The mask of Raiden at the start of Snake Eater only happens if you select “I like MGS2” at the beginning and is just an easter egg to poke fun at the reaction to 2. The same reason why Rakiov looks just like Raiden despite the two having no connection to each other (since he can die in Snake Eater yet Raiden’s parents don’t die until the 90s).

            So again, you really have no clue what you’re talking about; Solid and Liquid would be 10/11 by the post-jumpskip of V, The Sorrow is very definitively dead, Naked Snake is not The Boss’ literal child anymore than the Cobras are since Peace Walker confirms (as in outright states) that he is 39 years old in 1974.

          • You obviously haven’t;

            Metal Gear Solid 1 takes palce in 2005, because the original Metal Gear took place in 1995, Metal Gear 2: Solid snake took place for years later in 1999 and MGS1 takes place six years after that. (for those keeping track at home, MGS2 takes place in 2007/09 respectively, with 4 taking place five years after that in 2014 which is stated to be nine years after the events of the MGS1.

            The Boss is not Naked Snake’s mother since she was 42 when she died in 1964, at which point Naked Snake was 29 at that time (as confirmed in Peace Walker, set ten years later, where he was stated to be 39), which means The Boss would have been 13 to have given Birth to Naked Snake.

            Ocelot was the Son of the Bos and The Sorrow, as confirmed by a codec call when it’s stated that Ocelot reached Major at aged 19 because his father was a legendary war hero (being the Sorrow who was Russian) and that he was born on the battlefield with his mother carrying a snake-shaped scar from it. To top it off, the MGS Database outright spells it out, and that was released by KP themselves.

            Ocelot is not Russian; he was born to The Boss on D-Day and was taken by the Philosphers and raised in a school to pass off as a long term sleeper agent, then joined the NSA to defect to the USSR (he’s ADAM that was mentioned at the start of Operation Snake Eater and confirmed in the Stinger at the end of the game), while he really worked for the CIA as a triple agent.

            Mantis is Russian, having been born around 1970 under the Soviet Union’s reign (hence why in MGS1 a codec call reveals he worked for the KGB), which would put him at 13 by the time of the Phantom Pain (since again, Peace Walker takes place in 1974 and Big Boss goes into a coma for nine years not long after the end of that game).

            And yes, The Sorrow is dead, since The Boss up and says she had to kill him, we see that scene several times where it’s clear the Sorrow got shot in the eye, we also see his body after Snake is thrown off the bridge by the Boss and it’s reduced to Bones, when you call SIGINT after the Sorrow fight he states that he was killed by the Boss on that Bridge, he appears in the game as a Ghost hence why only Snake can see him and why he’s transparent.

            The point of MGS3 was for Naked Snake to beat The Boss, who was like a mother to him, but that was all symbolic since again Naked Snake was born in 1935 and The Boss in 1922, meaning that The Boss would have only been 13 at that time, whilst the scar is clearly stated to have been from the child The Boss gave birth to on D-Day almost a decade later; and what do you know? Ocelot just so happens to be 19 in Snake Eater, which takes place 19 years after D-Day.

            So really, you don’t understand the games at all since you couldn’t get the most overt facts right.

          • D-Day was in 1944. Snake Eater was set in 1964. So that would make Ocelot 20 years old.

            Which original Metal Gears are you talking about? The NES Metal Gear was a different game to the original MSX games.

            Also, Metal Gear Solid is the true start to the modern story, as Kojima himself stated in the late 90’s that the MSX games were only used as a reference framework, for the Metal Gear Solid series – not a part of the Metal Gear Solid mythos. At all.

          • Okay, I went and double checked and Ocelot is 20 in Snake Eater, he made Major at a young age because of his parentage.

            The MSX games, naturally.

            Also considering that the MGS Database released by Kojima himself references both events, that Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land are both referenced multiple times throughout the entire series, that Hideo confirmed that the Dr. Madnar that repaired Raiden and turned him into a cyborg is the same one who created the MG1 Metal Gear and who appeared in MG2:SS, I’m calling bullshit.

            The point stands; MGS1 takes place in the 00s, not in the late 80s/early 90s. Case in point; in MGS1 the briefing tapes state that both Liquid and Solid Snake fought in the first Gulf War before either joined Foxhound, and that Liquid state that Gulf War Syndrome was the negative reaction to the first attempt to create the Genome army.

          • You have got to be a troll, there’s no way you have played the Metal Gear series if this is what you got from it. Bravo on your skill at it, but please stop now.

          • Well all I can say is we will all find out a lot of things from Metal Gear Solid V, with the changes, modifications & revelations that Kojima will make to the story.

            Here I was thinking The Philosophers Legacy was referring to Nazi Eugenics, the source of modern Genetics, and I interpreted the Microfilm to contain smuggled gene research data, while the $100 Billion to me was a separate cache of gold Bullion of which Nazi Germany was known to have collected over the course of World War 2, and hidden in an underground fortress somewhere.

            The whole idea of genetically modified Super Soldiers, stems directly back to Nazi Germany & World War 2.

            So I think Metal Gear Solid V should be pretty interesting.

            All in all, though, I’ll be sticking to my open source interpretation of the story.

          • I have no idea why you thought the legacy was The Boss’ DNA since Volgin outright says it was the combined funds of China, the Soviet Union and the United States for R&D during the two world wars, and his father was in charge of handling the funds and embezzeled it away when it was supposed to be split between all three.

            This isn’t speculation, it was outright stated by Volgin to be true and was the point of The Boss’ mission (why would they send her to get her own DNA instead of simply taking it out of her?)

            And your “open source interpretation” conflicts with the facts that are directly stated by the text and contradicts it at every turn.

  • So he’s changing Big Boss’ english Voice Actor for a change but keeping the Japanese one? What?

    I’m seriously hoppiing this is just more misdirection like the whole “Phantom Pain” ruse. Hayter’s been in seven games as Snake/Big Boss, this isn’t a Splinter Cell situation where they used a new technology for facial animation and wanted to have the mo-cap and voice actors be the same, and no one who hasn’t played a Metal Gear game in their life is going to suddenly jump into it because they changed the voice actor of the lead.

    It’d make sense if Big Boss was getting a lot older, but he’s not that much older than Snake was in MGS4.

    Plus the fact that he’s not announcing who is voicing english Big Boss is a bit suspect. Perhaps when he announces the new voice actor is Viadd Yahter….

    • Caling it now, the new English VO is Viadd Yahter, who has suffered a tragic skiing accident involving a forest fire and must wear heavy bandages in all interviews.

  • I always thought it was odd that Big Boss/Naked Snake had the same voice as Solid Snake anyway. If anything, he should have had the same voice as Solidus, the ‘perfect’ clone.

    I’d be super happy if either John Cygan (Solidus) or Richard Doyle (Bog Boss MGS4) were announced as the new VA.

  • I decided years ago to never believe anything Kojima ever says. Either this is part of some surprise twist in the the game or David Hayter ran over one of Kojima’s children with his car.

    • I know dude, I’m shocked. But seeing as the fake Director of the Phantom Pain was just an anagram of Kiojima, I’m calling that this is some massive form of trolling since Hideo wants to top the twist of MGS2 that Raiden was the main character.

  • we will miss you David Hayter Snake! But I am excited for the New BIG BOSS Snake voice! XD long live METAL GEAR!

  • I was unsure about MGS V at first, thinking ‘Hmmmmm another Big Boss game?’ then I watched the 2nd video…

    I think this and GTA V just became my two most anticipated games of the next two years…

  • Doesn’t bother me too much. Solid Snake and Big Boss’s characters go beyond the voice actor playing them. Despite the fact that they are identical, fans still distinguish them apart. They are very different characters.
    I like Hayter, but a change could be what MGS needs.

  • david hayter already did the voice of THIS snake, but now that he’s older they are using his matured voice (introduced at the end of mgs4). its an awesome voice too. if it was solid snake it would definitely be hayter but considering that it’s big boss there is no need. plus its not like metal gear is completely over.. maybe hayter will be back for mgs6 or no doubt on a spin-off again like peace walker.

    • The only issue is that Big Boss in Peace Walker was voiced by David, and the Ground Zeroes section takes place within months after it so no chance for his voice to mature that much. Sure after a nine year coma maybe, but not straight away.

      No offense to Doyle who provided Big Boss’ voice in 4, but that voice wouldn’t work for a Big Boss still in his 40s.

  • It’s ridiculously obvious that EVAN NARCISSE, the reviewer – is supporting David Hayter with this horrible article. Not only did he link the petition, which inadvertedely encourages readers to sign this disjointed, pathetic petition, but the way he worded the alternative as promotional misdirection, is just pathetic. It’s bad enough the new VA is gonna get heat whether he’s better than Hayter or not, soley because he’s NOT Hayter – but the way you groupies are just dismissing the fact that Big Boss is NOT Solid Snake, and he has to have a new voice to break away from the chains that bounds him to Solid Snake, is just disgusting and uncalled for.

    Seriously, this is a great change. David Hayter should have never done Big Boss’ voice in the beginning. David Hayter is known as Snake, but he’s Big Boss. Let the damn man have an identification as his own, and not as a carbon copy of Solid Snake.

    • Except Snake is a literal clone of Big Boss, of course they have similar sounding voices, they have the exact same vocal cords.

      David Hayter has been with the series since MGS1, how many other VOs can claim to have been in every single voiced installment? Not to mention he is a fan of the series as well and gave up half his paycheck for the MGS1 remake to hire on all the other original actors, so why fuck with a winning formula?

      ANyway, people are way too quick to criticise writers (not reviewers) over how they word thing. This is by no means a horribly-written article, nor does it have any bias just by including all the facts by *gasp* linking to a relevant petition without giving an opinion on it one way or the other.

      From the sounds of thing you’d only be happy if the article was in full support of a new VO and mocked the idea of Hayter coming back.

  • Honestly, I think Hayter was a good choice for the previous games but he does sound kind of melodramatic for today’s standards. Kojima obviously wants things to move to a more raw and natural sounding dialogue, and David’s VO has always felt like an announcer type voice, very different from Keifer Sutherland’s example in the demo.

    But it kinda does irk me that he wasn’t given a priority chance to audition for a new take on the Snake voice, seeing as how much people loved him.

    To everyone who is pointing out the fact that the Otsuka is voicing Snake in Japanese: Otsuka is like the Clint Eastwood of voice acting. He’s extremely well known, more so than any voice actor in the west. Nolan North doesn’t even begin to come close. So when it comes to recasting the Japanese VA, it’s almost like saying Chris Nolan is the wrong choice to make the next Batman movie. In fact conversely, for Kojima, replacing Hayter is like replacing Christian Bale for the next Batman movie.

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