Is David Hayter Playing Snake In MGS5?

Ever since David Hayter tearfully announced that he wouldn't be returning as Snake for the next Metal Gear Solid game, I've had a gut feeling that he will be returning as Snake. Get this: the longtime Snake voice actor tweeted yesterday that he'll be making an appearance at E3 in a week and a half.

Today, Konami sent out the above teaser video for their pre-E3 conference on Thursday, June 6. They're going to take that opportunity to announce who's voicing Snake this time around.

My guess? Come on. Leave it to Hideo Kojima to tease us into thinking that Hayter is gone, only to surprise us again two months later. Dude likes his mindfucks.


    Kojima is the last name in trolling fans, it wouldn't surprise me.

    I remain cautiously optimistic.

    I think everyone is hoping so.

    For starters, it doesn't make sense that KojiPro had said that Hayter wasn't in it because they wanted a fresh start, but kept the Japanese VA the same.

    Also, there's a point of; Who the hell else? A few VA's were asked on Twitter if they'd consider taking the role, and pretty much all of them said "There's no way I could replace Hayter". So finding someone else who is both good for the role, AND willing to take it? Sounds like a big task.

      Someone pointed out that the Japanese VA is a really big name in Japan, although personally I think this is just more misdirection as Hideo announces that Snake is voiced by Vidad Yahter who concidentally suffered a skiing accident and must wear the head bandages, and who only appears after David Hayter leaves the room.

    It's bold, I like it. The games industry has become too much about not taking risks, in anything, everything has to remain the carefully balanced on the status quo. I'm glad someone has the guts to take a chance on shaking it up, even just a little.

      Yeah but every MGS game changes it up with the gameplay abd meta themes to the story so I don't feel what you aew saying is needed in this case.
      Hayter should voice Snake as Snake needs to be in character for continuity.

        I think you missed my point, I was not reflecting on the quality of the series but of the industry as a whole, which has become a stale repetitive entity that constantly regurgitates the same crap because it is too afraid to rock it's own boat. Kojima's games themselves have never been too guilty of this but it is still a bold move within the industry as a whole.

          But it's not innovation if it's just changing something for the sake of change, not because it's needed or could be improved upon.

          There is no reason to replace Hayter at all, he IS the voice of snake, literally, there hasn't been anyone else. For Kojipro to change it up when everyone loves him (no fan backlash against him) and he does a great job (no problems with his performance) it just doesn't make any sense, business or otherwise.

          There are plenty of other ways Kojipro could switch up the game, as Arkayn mentioned, but if they want it to really be recognised as THE 'Snake/Big Boss' then there is no reason to change Hayter as voice actor. If anything it would only serve to confuse and anger people, and that's the last thing you want to do to the people you want to BUY your game.

            I never said it was innovative, it's not, but it's risky. Even a little bit of risk even if it doesn't change anything is more interesting than playing it safe like everyone else is. It's a step in the right direction in my opinion.

              Fair enough, but I still think it's a step in the wrong direction, it just doesn't make any sense.

              If there's nothing wrong with something then why change it? Evolution or innovation don't need to wipe out everything that comes before them, they build on what works to make something better, it doesn't mean starting from scratch for no reason.

              If they were changing up the character/gameplay/story/world then it would make perfect sense (ala Metal Gear Rising) to change up a the voice actor as well to signify the change, but they aren't. They are purposefully making it canon in the official MGS universe, so it doesn't make sense to change a big part of a character (their voice) and nothing else to do with the character (look, personality).

                Sorry looks like we're on about two different issues. I'm saying it's bold and risky to say Hayter isn't playing Snake when it is pretty clear he is. The fact they are playing this sort of practical joke is a refreshing change rather than just coming out and saying "yes don't worry David is still snake, everything is the same don't panic".

                  ooohhhhh I see now. They (especially Kojima himself) love a good bout of misdirection to keep people on their toes. I agree better than boring old PR speel.

                  Yeah I thought you were talking about the industry doing things and not Kojima pretending to do things. Hey at least you cleared the confusion rather than calling us a pair of twits when we are not like the internet would normally do.

                  I am all for Kojima being a dick and stirring our rage up.

    The guy is a massive piss taker, so I wouldnt be surprised if it still is Hayter.
    The only reason I cant see Hayter playing Big Boss, is if MGS 5 is set during the early days of Foxhound and includes a young Solid Snake. But i doubt that
    If it isnt Hayter, its not a big deal. I would still love the character, regardless of who voices him.

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      What if.....through some fantastical story only Kojima is capable of...This main character we see in the trailer isn't voiced by Hayter because he ISN'T solid or naked snake?? At least not the conventional snake that we know.

      Then at some point the real snake shows in game up for a cameo and is voiced by Hayter? Maybe the formula their going for is a mix between MGS2 and MGS3, where you kinda-yes-but-not-really play as Snake.

      With Kojima, anything is possible

        After re-playing MGS2 recently, I don't doubt it....

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    The whole David Hayter isn't playing Snake's voice in MGSV all happened on April 1st. So. Have a guess who's going to play Snake's voice in MGSV.

    And the 4 letter word for MGSV is "FATE".

    Last edited 31/05/13 10:59 am

    The four letter word is HATE. It ties in nicely with the announcement that David Hayter being reinstated to voice Snake. It's pure Kojima.

    I seem to have missed the point where Kojima & co said Hayter would not be doing the voice for MGSV...
    I know Hayter himself posted his "tearful" announcement on April 1st, and I saw no other confirmation of this.

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