Is This Our First Look At Season 2 Of The Walking Dead?

Is This Our First Look At Season 2 Of The Walking Dead?
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I’d argue that the Game of Thrones TV show is better than the books. I’d also argue that The Walking Dead video game is better than The Walking Dead TV show. Actually, I think a lot of people would make that argument, considering Telltale’s game won multiple awards in 2012. Since then many have been anticipating a second season of the game. Is this our first look at Season 2?

The above vine was posted on The Walking Dead’s official Facebook page, so you would expect it to be from some sort of Walking Dead project unless it was some sort of elaborate mistake or cross promotional thing. It certainly looks like it’s been done in The Walking Dead’s art style so I’m going to go right ahead and say that it’s either that additional content to Season 1 that Telltale Games referred to a while back or our first glimpse at the new season.



  • i would say the game is a bit better than the show…
    because in the game, I get to decide what happens, in the show you watch them decide stupid stuff….

  • The difficult second season. Expectations so high. Internet so easily pissed off. Best of luck to them.

  • I originally thought maybe it’s that other game “The Wolf among us”, seeing as it looks kinda like an investigation board of some kind and more like a screen from a crime/mystery game, and also the stubbly guy in the photo looks like the Bigby character from that game. But then someone pointed out what looked like the words “evacuate” and “shelter” in one of the notes in that shot, so I don’t know what to think now. lol

  • Season 2 had better feature Clementine or it is dead to me.

    I disagree about GoT by the way, Mark. They are different experiences and I enjoy them both. I don’t think you can easily say one is *better* than the other…

      • Just my opinion. I’d really like to know what happened to her. I don’t watch the TV series so I don’t really have any interest in the video game apart from the Lee/Clementine relationship.

    • i feel the opposite to that. To me, season 1 is wrapped up. The ambiguity of what happens to Clementine is sometimes best left unanswered.

      New characters, new country even. thats what i want.

      • Ordinarily I’d agree, but the cliff-hanger manner in which they showed Clementine’s final scene would really grate if that were the case.

          • I wouldn’t mind that. It could be that she’s met up with new people, one of whom is the main protagonist. I’m not saying she should have the same relationship that she had with Lee in the first game, as it would essentially be the same game, but I’d like her to at least be in the game in some form.

          • Learn to let go – sometimes stories are better when you don’t know everything.

            Correction: ALL fiction is made better by not telling the reader/watcher/player every little detail.

            I’d prefer that they left it where it lay – it was a hell of a ride and i want more, and sure, I’m curious about Clem, but its OK – We taught her to survive and sent her on her way. There’s nothing more we could do.

    • Don’t muck around with being nice and understanding. Just call it as you see it. Mark is wrong about GoT. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! And completely incorrect.

  • I know people hail the game as the best thing that’s ever happened to the Walking Dead but after reading the comics and watching the show, to me at least, it’s only “okay” in comparison. It makes me wonder if people who played the game even read the books or watch the show… i know a little girl in a zombie world tugs at the heart strings but Episodes 1-5 werent that spectacular in terms of story IMO.

  • They just need to update some of the graphics and buggy animations a bit to make the game top notch. Great game that kept me in and playing, way better tan the TV show, but those bugs around the animations and shoddy environment graphics in some areas takes you out of the immersion. 2nd season should be great though regardless.

  • Just bought this game. Got home and found “Walking Dead: Survival Instinct” disc in box.

  • More developers should get on Vine…if not just so that I have more interesting accounts to follow.

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