There May Be New The Walking Dead Content Before The Release Of Season 2...

You might have heard a little game called The Walking Dead by Telltale? Yeah, that game that everyone gave all the bloody awards in the world to? Yeah, that one. Since everyone sort of completely fell in love with The Walking Dead's first season, Telltale are predictably working on a second. But it looks as though we'll be seeing more Walking Dead content before the launch of the second season.

Speaking to IGN, Gary Whitta, largely responsible for the writing of episode 4, teased new content for the game, content that would tide fans over before the release of the second season.

“You won’t have to wait for season two to play more Walking Dead,” he said.

Season 2 is, apparently a long way off so, to placate fans, it seems as though the team has put something extra together. We have no real idea what that content is, but Whitta was in full tease mode.

"[K]nowing that people are hungry for more walking Dead," he said, "there may very well be more Walking Dead from Telltale before season two. We may have a little something extra for you between season one and two."

Oh come on man! Tell us. Just tellllll us...

More Telltale's Walking Dead Coming Before Season 2 [IGN]


    does this mean Fables has been delayed?

      They may be different teams? Dan Connors recently said in an interview "Fables is next, but we're definitely working on Walking Dead too."

      I'd completely forgotten about Fables. Now I get to be excited about it all over again, particularly in the wake of The Walking Dead.

    if they were going to expand on season 1, a episode on Crawford would be good, and creepy. Crawford was nothing but creepy. Or maybe the bandits, that could do as well.

    Will there be actual story choices that actually affect the outcome of the story, not this faux bullshit they've released and are currently patting themselves on the back for?

      "Faux bullshit"? Please. Whether or not the choices truly affect the outcome has no impact on their power to draw you in to the narrative, which is what they're there for. One Walking Dead choice made me think more than ten Mass Effect ones. It's a parlour trick, sure. But it's a damn impressive one.

      It's about the journey you douche! The choices affect the story not the outcome. Sheeeesh!

        Did you even read what you typed? Having difference dialogue paths, but a linear storyline is by definition NOT affecting the story. If anything, it's lazy writing. Now Colony wars is how you produce a game where your actions affect the story and potentially, the outcome.

        ^^That, is how you do it. Having slightly different dialogue isn't even close, but given the structure of the episodic DLC, it would be very difficult to implement, but actually groundbreaking if they did.

    Sounds interesting! I wouldn't mind short, one episode sidestories using minor characters or something. Like... (Spoilers!) What happens to Molly or something. Or maybe what-if scenarios using some of the main plot points.

      A Molly episode would be cool. I don't want to know what happens to her after you part ways, since at the moment I can imagine she goes on kicking zombie ass and doesn't end up getting eaten in some back ally somewhere, but one where you play as her escaping from Crawford would be cool.

    Some people have been speculating that the next season of Walking Dead will focus on an adult Clementine, but I think setting a game that far in the future would hurt the franchise as it kind of paints a picture that the situation is unresolvable and takes away a lot of the hope people have.

    So I hope season 2 is a completely different story. That said, I want to see what happens after season 1 since...

    ...assuming Christa and/or Omid survived, Clemintine would have gone to meet up with them.

    I also wouldn't object to a spinoff story involving some of the other survivors like Molly. Hell, they could even let us play as Glenn making his way to Atlanta, fill in what happened between episode 1 of the game and the start of the TV show when he rescues Rick.

    I know technically the comic, TV show and game are considered seperate universes so that you can pick and choose wahtever canon you want without worrying about story conflicts, but still.

    Last edited 26/02/13 11:52 am

      I vote strongly for new story. Cut ties completely. I don't even want to know if Kenny survived (the epilogue said he was 'lost to the hordes'

      It's going to be hard to match Season One no matter what they choose. I hope they're up for the challenge! :)

      As for your edit, my understanding is that the comic and game are canonically linked, however tenuously, and the TV show is its own beast.

      Last edited 26/02/13 11:58 am

      but I think setting a game that far in the future would hurt the franchise as it kind of paints a picture that the situation is unresolvable and takes away a lot of the hope people have.

      Well, I don't want to spoil it for you but the show is called "The Walking Dead" for a reason, and it isn't because the dead are walking around. =P Hope and the potential for a happy ending were never there to begin with. Unless you mean from a survivor's perspective.

      Personally I'm hoping for a completely new story each season. The only problem is Clem really made the game work. Without her acting as a mirror the entire game the choices won't matter as much, but at the same time it'll be difficult to just make a new character to fill the same role. Without an element like her the only objective is survival, so I wouldn't really have any reason not to do any of the stuff I chose not to.

        Yeah, I don't really wanto them to shoehorn in another child to follow us around, they'd just be copycatting season 1 too much. but there needs to be some conscience factor. The main challenge for me in the game, after making a mistake in episode 2, was to always be the person I wanted Clem to think I was. That really drove my choices in the game.

        I'll be interested to see what they do to make it work in season 2.

          A baby character, maybe? I was thinking of what I'd like in season 2, and I thought it would be rather cool if you play as a pregnant woman for the first episode or two, give birth during the apocalypse, game jumps a head a few months or maybe even a year between episodes and then you've got a baby to take care of, and all your choices come down to things like whether you spend resources keeping the baby healthy, or whether those resources go to adult characters who have a better chance of survival and can contribute more to the group.

      The trailer showed the Skinhead biker guy who appears in the second episode of the series (and probably beyond that. One of these days I'll actually get around to watching more of it). If he's a major character I'm kinda hoping Clem isn't involved.

      I'm guessing given they won't be able to kill him off, that like Glenn, he won't stick around for long.

      Last edited 26/02/13 1:42 pm

        Merle is from the TV series, while the game is set firmly in the comic continuity, so he won't show up. You're thinking of the FPS based off of the TV series, which is unrelated to what Telltale is doing.

          Ah right. That makes sense then. I wondered why they'd ditched the comic book art style. I'd swear wherever I watched that initially said that it was the sequel to the Telltale game. Maybe it said "the next game based on the Walking Dead" or something and I misinterpreted.

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