PlayStation Network Goes Offline For Maintenance Tomorrow

PlayStation Network will be down for maintenance tomorrow from 12.30pm EDT (Wednesday, 2.30am AEST) to about 7pm EDT (Wednesday, 9am AEST). This is probably related to last week's console-bricking patch, as Sony generally tries to avoid performing maintenance on the same day the PlayStation Store updates.

So, PlayStation Store will be down, in addition to PlayStation Home and Account management features. Online multiplayer will be available, but only if log into your PSN account sometime either today or tomorrow before maintenance begins, Sony says.

For those concerned about access to PlayStation Plus games or other purchases, a community manager said the Store update will be released tonight, to "allow you to hop into the store tonight ahead of tomorrow’s store update post, and pick up your purchases prior to the Tuesday downtime. Since this is an early update, be sure to take advantage of any current sales now, while you can."

PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th [PlayStation Blog]


    Oh my god. I'm sick of this shit. What am I supposed to do then? This is an outrage. Sony better be giving out free PS4's to make up for this or I'm done with Sony forever.

      Well since it will be 2:30 in the morning you could always sleep. Otherwise log in beforehand and you can play online multiplayer, just no buying stuff from the store..

      It is interesting that Sony have had a few quite serious issues and people forgive 'n forget, but Microsoft announces something they plan to do in 6 months time and everyone loses their shit, right? :P

        Its anything like this, tiny hicup with xbl, sony fanbois everywhere. Massive errors and brickings of ps3s, /tumbleweed.

        Last edited 25/06/13 8:36 am

        I'm not sure how much outrage you're expecting to get from people about a free service going offline from 2:30 - 9am on a weeknight when pretty much everybody would be asleep then going to work?

        This might become a bigger issue once PS4 is released since then people will actually be paying for online play then I think the expectations might be different.

          In a week long stretch where they've had a firmware update that bricked a number of consoles and need some PSN downtime for maintenance — all things being equal — I would genuinely expect more outrage than we had during announcements at E3 (which didn't affect anyone, but was extremely overdone).

          Edit: Which isn't to say "a lot of outrage!" just that it's funny to see what people get worked up over.

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            I guess it's a bit of a non-issue for most of us in Australia, though. I think the firmware got pulled before too many Australians had a chance to download it, and the outage is at a time when the vast majority wouldn't be using it anyway. Having some advanced notice of the outage (as opposed to having it just go offline without any warning) also helps a bit, I think.

            It might be a different story in the USA or Europe if more people got bricked by the update or if the timing happens to fall during their prime time hours (although USA at least is during the day and should be back up by 7pm so will probably be there during the popular evening hours). So yeah, I doubt too many of us on an Australian site really care too much about this.

    Not sure if you are trolling or genuinely upset... either way, god the internet can find anything to bitch about.... *turns back to playing 360*

    And the internets was quiet...

    Remember that time Xbox Live went down.... oh wait..

      Yeah. It was only 4 days ago, so still pretty fresh in the memory.

      I can think of a few major times actually.
      I'm sure there are more

    I hope the complaints are jokes. Most online systems have to come down every once and a while for a few hours maintenance. Including banks which are more important than a few hours of online gaming.
    Seriously people are wankers.

      That up there? Definitely a joke. I'm just mocking the absurd overreaction people get to minor inconveniences.

        Fantastic. I'm on your side then lol.
        So need a sarcasm emoticon for these things.
        ^^^not sarcasm^^^

    lulz, can't believe people thought the OP was a legit comment and complaint. Was pretty obviously it was a pisstake.

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