Someday, Our Xbox 360s Will Be Retro, And This Is How We'll Feel

One of my new favourite YouTubers, LaserFrog, knows that the Xbox 360 will someday be a retro console. He imagines this beautiful but somewhat sad future.

"Ah, remember the 360? Crazy to think it used a disc drive. Don't know how we ever got past those dark ages!"

So good. I'll cherish my 360, and I'll laugh at it all the same when I'm old and grey.

Run, Play, Think! - RIP Xbox 360 [YouTube]


    Yeah. Staring into the face of brief mortality at midnight is super fun.

    Far many feels.

    The narrator sounds like something right out of a british childrens show, so warm and tender and also the way he speaks at a moderate pace and asks you rhetorical questions. I think thats what really makes the video.

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