Summer Of Arcade 2013: Turtles, Flashback, Charlie Murder And More

Summer Of Arcade 2013: Turtles, Flashback, Charlie Murder And More

Microsoft’s revealed this year’s Summer of Arcade titles, with a few new titles and a remake that I’m positively drooling to play.

Assuming, that is, that Ubisoft don’t make a dog’s breakfast out of Flashback. Don’t make me cry, Ubisoft. Nobody wants to see that.

The other titles that’ll make up the Summer of Arcade 2013 include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Microsoft’s own in-house title, Charlie Murder. Am I the only one getting a real Captain Commando vibe out of Charlie Murder?

Xbox LIVE Summer of Arcade titles [Major Nelson]


    • I agree. Playing games is generally the antithesis of doing all those cool things outdoors.

      It’s been a while since I held hands with a chick, looking at a picture perfect sunset while holding a surfboard in my hand.

      • I mean, I’m all for being active, I go to the gym, I’m outside playing with the kids and all that, but it feels like they’re saying “if we put videos of people doing cool things, young people will like it, young people like BMX stunts don’t they?”

    • hey check it out summery stuff like surfing, beach volleyball, skating – IGNORE ALL OF THAT SHIT COZ YOU’RE GONNA BE PLAYING OUR GAMES ALL SUMMER.

    • Quite, I think they made the point that it’s related to summer by their use of the word summer in big text at the start. Footage of summery activities was rather redundant and had me wondering what the skating & bmx games were going to be

  • Flashback!!! One of my fav games ever – this is really good news and the HD update looks well done.

    …or did I forget I was meant to play the part of the entitled and jaded gamer and respond negatively?

  • Flashback has a very Shadow Complex look to it

    Well I suppose it should be the other way around since I had Flashback on the Amiga back in the day…

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