Super Mario Theme Song Gets Awesome Rap Lyrics, Courtesy Of The Roots

It is my personal opinion that Black Thought is one of the best rappers to ever step to the mic. You may disagree. But last night the Roots’ lead vocalist dropped a set of lyrics dedicated to Super Mario Bros. over a re-arranged version of Koji Kondo’s immortal theme song. That definitely makes him an all-time MVP MC, right?

The performance is part of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Week and the verse is made all the better for being pretty on point with its references to Mario’s history. What’s up with calling Luigi a coward, though? Didn’t anybody tell Thought that this is the Year of Luigi? Reggie Fils-Aime might have something to say about that next time he comes back to the show.


    This reminds me of GHOST WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED...

    you clearly havn't heard of the greatest rapper of this generation, Saigon. He has a song called "Get busy" using the mario theme extremely well, this black thought rap was ok but dismal in comparison to Saigon's.

    Step yo game up!!!!

    He's like 'yeah whatever'.......


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