Tell Us What You Love And Hate About These New Pokemon

A new Pokemon game means new Pokemon monsters. Last night, Game Freak unveiled three new critters: Clauncher, the blue lobster-like Pokemon, Talonflame, the fire bird Pokemon and Skrelp, the... uh, actually, I don't know what the hell that Pokemon resembles. You decide.

You'll be able to use them all come the launch of Pokemon X & Y, but for now, what do you think? Tell us what you love or hate about these new Pokemon. Don't hold back! Think the designs are getting better over time, or worse?

I for one like the idea of a fire bird. Lobster-like Pokemon, not so much.


    Clauncher is a pistol-shrimp. Skrelp is a leafy sea dragon. Journalists are supposed to do research, you know?

    Talonflame looks pretty cool (bit of a boring name though I think but that might be just me), not a huge fan of the other two....

      not boring per se, just uninspired. take fearow, empoleon, braviary etc. they all have a cool way of mashing together 2 things that make up the design of the pokemon. Talonflame doesn't really try to be subtle.

      Also, inb4 throw another clauncher on the barbie is a thing.


          Barbie, barby what have you. barbecue. I even looked up a wiki to find which is the more acceptable spelling. Australian term that is more used outside of Australia, "Throw another shrimp on the barbie"

    Got a feeling Claucher and Skrelp are gonna have evolutions of a more badass nature.

    Am I the only one who is planning to buy a 3DS just for this game?

      I'm thinking about it....Keep telling myself to hold out for a 3DSi/3DS-lite/whatever the inevitable update is called but I may just end up getting a 3DS-XL at some point. Then the new one is bound to be announced a week later.

        ... Waiting for a lite version? But may buy the big massive one? Hahaha wth
        ... What do I love about new pkmn nothing what do I hate... Everything, remake Red and blue in the same graphics as X & Y call it Pokemon Thunder Yellow...

      I already got a 3DS XL for it, but then that's also in part because it can play soul silver and black and white 2 (hooray for backwards compatibility!!!)

        I was thinking of getting one earlier for that reason but I was told the aspect ratio gets warped on old games a little bit due to the screens being different dimensions to those of the DS.

    The one on the left, eh. The other two look pretty cool. Dibs calling the Blue Lobster "Zoidberg U#1"
    -> A seahorse hiding in seaweed pretty much

    I like that pokemon, it looks tired and annoyed, perfect for me =)

    I like them all. Especially interested to see how Clauncher looks when it evolves. Talonflame is a pretty terrible name though

    It's a leafy sea dragon

    Ooo, that bird this Pokemon's Pidgey? Looks a bit too suave to be a first evolution though. I get kinda sad whenever the Pidgey of the new generation has less than 3 evolutions. Was never a big fan of Noctowl or Swellow for that reason. I guess it's that novelty of getting to watch it change into something more awesome twice. That and the base stats on something that evolves once tends to be lower than the total of those that evolve twice.

    Sea dragon thingy looks terrible but I like the other two.

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