The Next Game From The ‘Splosion Man Folks Is An Xbox One Launch Title

Updates about LocoCycle — the next game from the creators of The Maw and The Gunstringer — have been few and far in between. But it looks like we’ll be seeing more of the vehicular adventure next week since LocoCycle has been confirmed as an Xbox One launch title.

The game’s going to be on the 360, too, but a post on the official site makes it sound like the One version will be graphically superior at least:

However, the Xbox One version will definitely take advantage of the big jump in horsepower by running in full 1080p at a solid 60 frames per second in addition to countless other graphical improvements.

Of course, we don’t when the Xbox One (and, by extension, LocoCycle) will be out but that date will likely be revealed next week.


    • agreed. especially after the self important timeline which took up the majority of the trailer

    • I friggen love Twisted Pixel games. They’ve been a hit with my whole family. The only one that wasn’t mind blowing was Comic Jumper but it was still incredibly funny like all of their stuff. Their games never look the prettiest but they’re tightly controlled and solid mechanically and they are full to the brim with sharp wit and genuine laugh out loud humor.

      The first game my eldest son ever finished was Maw and last year my youngest boy finished his first ever game, Mrs Splosion Man, both Twisted Pixel games. I wrote to the developer to tell them, and let them know how much my kids love their games and he asked for my address so they could send both my kids a present. A few weeks later a parcel arrived with two plush toys, one was Maw, the other was Mrs Sposion Man, it came with a note congratulating them for beating their first ever video games.

      Great games, great devs.

      • Frankly they get top marks in my book for their “Beard” engine!

        That an the fact that The Gunstringer features a man having sex with a crocodile – there just aren’t too many games where that sort of thing is going on!

    • I’m personally really f’n excited about the new zoomba game, looks incredible.. maybe mel b will bring out another game too that would be a dream come true cause mel b is the sh*t and id love to see trials hd in hd
      The possibilities are endless, it makes me forget about them collecting all my info and selling it and the ads and everything, i cant even remember half of the bad shit anymore cause im so pumped.

      • I will withhold that shit from my friends not just because it’ll be so fucking awesome I won’t be able to turn away from it, but also because Microsoft has my back in that that shit will only ever work for me and me alone.

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