The Xbox One Will Be At PAX Australia

We've just gotten word from the local organisers of PAX Australia that the Xbox One will be making an appearance at the event. So if you have tickets you may be among the first Australians to see Microsoft's new console in public.

At this stage there is no confirmation that the console will be on the show floor (and yes, we asked!) but there will be three separate presentations going into detail regarding Microsoft's "vision for the Xbox One and the future of gaming".

The presentations will be on a first come first serve basis (so be prepared to queue!) and take place at the following times...

Friday 19th July 2013. 6:00pm – 7:00pm Saturday 20th July 2013: 2:30pm – 3:30pm Sunday 21st July 2013: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

This is the first time that the Xbox One is being shown in Australia, so if you're heading to PAX Australia, you might want to put this in your calendars.


    Nice. Time to check it out personally to see if I should get one together with PS4

    At the risk of sounding overly negative, I'm struggling to come up with anything that could be in a presentation that won't be in some sort of press release later.
    I think I'll prioritise my PAX time towards things that are hands-on. Might still drop into one of these if there's no clashes with anything else.

    It will be interesting to see what they talk about, given how US centric all the Xbone stuff has been so far.

    I got to hold onto and use both controllers at E3 and while I love the 360 one, the Xbone controller is again the best controller of the generation. Feel free to disagree with me about the current gen stuff but the weight, texture, look, centre of gravity, rumbling triggers and thumbstick design are fantastic of the xbone.

    In saying that, the ps4 controller has made great improvements and the triggers are much better and the touch screen, clickable area on top is a great design. the thumb sticks on the ps4 are MUCH better than the 3 but overall I just prefer the meatier feeling of the xbone controller. Hopefully those of us going to PAX will get a chance to actually hold them and check out the consoles.

    the xbone is HUGE and STILL has an external power brick FFS so the PS4 wins on console style for sure.

    Probably why they removed the always on restriction. Because they couldn't get it to work as a demo.

    Ooooh maybe we'll see some Killer Instinct there too

    So is the xbone really gona be there or will it be a high end gaming pc running xbone software, like at E3???

    As a side point, PAX aus released their entire schedule, there's some pretty awesome talks lined up.

    i knew this shit would be in melbourne, why on earth wouldn't it just be in the capital city where everyone is? i always seem to miss out on great shit living in sydney!

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