This Is The Most Confusing Game I Saw At E3

It's called Hohokum, and it will be out on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita (although what you see here is on the PS4). You control a snake-like character while you explore worlds and discover new ones.

You help in-game characters and creatures locate items and other characters and creatures. Sometimes, you turn lights on for new discoveries. But I could hardly glean all of this on my own.

So let the game's artist — Richard Hogg — tell you a bit about his game, which I have decreed the most confusing game I've seen at E3. Also, super sorry about the audio quality of the video. It was a noisy day. But it's worth learning more.


    It felt like he was playing the game for the first time and just making it up as he went along haha.

    Would have been nicer if he were facing the camera talking to us, than playing and talking to the screen...

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