This Live Action Smash Bros Video Makes Me Want To Play Smash Bros 4

Ness, Captain Falcon, Snake, Link and a lot of familiar gameplay elements come to life in this awesome live action Smash Bros flick. The video has been in the works for more than a year, and it's quite impressive to see how many people helped video creator pwnisher complete it.

Snake with his giant hammer engaging Link is just too funny and makes me want to get my hands on Smash Bros. 4 immediately.

Live Action Smash Bros: 300% [YouTube]


    Wonder if Nintendo will be taking a cut from this video too.

    The fact that they even went to the effort of animating invincibility frames and shield grabbing makes it just that much better. A+

      yes that was for the veterans. If only it could have been melee and had some wavedashing and edge guarding it could have been perfect

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