Video Games, You Just Got Served By A Zombie Flick

Since what feels like the dawn of time, it's been customary for the entire side of the Figueroa hotel - just down the street from the LA Convention Centre - to be draped in the livery of a big upcoming video game.

Skyrim, Max Payne 3 and Final Fantasy XIII are just some of the games to feature during the week of E3, but this year's honour goes to....World War Z. And not even a game adaptation of it. The movie itself.

So long, video games. You had a good run.


    No WWZ tie-in game?

      There's a iOS game, but that's about it.

    It used to be the video game industry wanted to be he film industry, now the film guys are trying to get out attentions haha

    Luke, you should really do your research.
    World War Z is NOT a zombie film.

      In what way is it not? If a movie has zombies in it, it's a zombie movie, regardless of what else is in it. It's a Zombie + Whatever movie

        It's not a zombie film because it does not have zombies in it. Plain and simple.

          Given that the (most excellent) book did have zombies, what have they replaced them with in the film?

    All morning I've been seeing videos of E3 reporters with this poster behind them.

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