While You Were Sleeping

Morning! I write this post every day when I should be sleeping — at 6.30am on the train to work. Maybe I should change the name of this little news round up to 'While I Should Be Sleeping'. Yeah, not quite as catchy...

To the news...

Don't get me wrong, I understand that publishers and developers aren't creating video games for the sake of their health. This is a money making enterprise. But still, the ways in which the games industry tries to syphon money from consumers in an attempt to continue with a struggling business model is worrying. Are things really that bad? This quote from Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick really worries me. It also bothers me a little.

And on the topic of struggling business models — Zynga has suffered massive layoffs. Say what you like about Zynga, but I don't really like it when anyone loses their job.

This Red Dead Redemption fan movie looks pretty awesome, as do these Predator action figures I've been waiting a lifetime for. Finally, take a gander at the truly surreal paintings of Japanese celebrities.

In Short Massive Layoffs At Zynga Truly Surreal Paintings Of Japanese Celebrities The Vultures Circle To Pick At The Carcass Of Used Games Sales Predator Action Figures You Son Of A Bitch Red Dead Redemption Movie Is Looking Just About Perfect


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