While You Were Sleeping

Usually I get to Friday and I'm like, 'what, already?' This week I'm like, 'finally'. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. News, babies, sleeping. It's got everythang!

I loved Dishonoured. In fact it might be one of my favourite AAA games of the last couple of years. Easily the most interesting 'power' in the game was the blink teleport move. It just felt so cool to use. I'm getting nostalgic shivers just thinking about combining that move with slowing down time, combining everything. Oh man, I need to play that game again. Anyway — this is a post about how every single video game would be better with Blink!

Before Don Mattrick was announced as CEO, Zynga was seen as a sinking ship by investors and experts. Now? People are recommending you buy Zynga stock. Urgh. This is just another example of how psychological the whole stock market is and how it often restricts good long term strategy.

The father of the mouse has passed away. Crazy how intertwined that device is with our everyday lives now. This is a mega-meta Breakout game. And finally, just before the most recent Egyptian coup, this 'Game Over' sign was flashed.

In Short Father Of Computer Mouse Dies At Age 88 Every Game Would Be Better With Blink From Dishonored A Day Before Egyptian Coup, Protesters Flashed Giant Game Over Sign CNBC Calls Zynga A Buy Now That Former Xbox Is CEO Breakout Inside Of Breakout Inside Of Breakout


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