Battlefield May Allow Stats Transfer Between Console Generations, Too

Earlier this week, both FIFA and Madden said their upcoming versions on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be able to transfer their Ultimate Team rosters to Xbox One and PS4 once those titles launch. Their cousins over at Battlefield say they're looking into doing something similar, too.

That comes via Battlefield's official Twitter on Thursday:

It's good that DICE is thinking of this, and it's be a positive gesture toward diehards who will end up buying two copies of the game. As I said in the Madden/FIFA item, though, if you can do it between generations, why can't some kind of transfer be done between editions on the same platform?

This is more relevant to sports, perhaps; Battlefield 3's progression is and probably should be a different thing from Battlefield 4's because of separate maps, weapons and their attributes, and such. Still, it shows the capability is there if EA feels generous enough to use it.

[via Joystiq]


    This has always annoyed the crap out of me. If you plan ahead you can easily implement transferring of information... but nope, nobody ever does. Like how my iCloud account and iTunes account can't be merged because who the hell knows. Companies always go on about centralising services but they don't even try to plan for it...

      To be fair they've been future proofing a lot of the Battlefield Battlelog elements for a while already. Your account gets linked in a way that knows which other Battlefield games you've played. For example I've got Veteran 3 status from playing Bad Company 2 and a few others.
      I'm sort of surprised that it doesn't already do this. I assume my Bad Company 2 stats are all still up there and linked to my gamertag, so it'd just be a matter of making the Battlelog website display it. Set it up to display stats with two different filters. One for 'lifetime' stats and the other for stats from a specific game. Given the depth of the stats on Battlelog already it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to add that new dimension.
      I'd be pretty shocked if using game updates they couldn't make it so that Battlefield 3 does the same.

      [Edit: I also get gear, dogtags, etc from Veteran status, playing other EA games, etc. So giving me unlocks based on my previous progression seems simple enough.]

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      All you literally have to do is write a script to take the data from a field in one database and move it to a different field in another.

    While they're at it I'd love a universal soldier between console/PC. It always saddens me when I play PC and have nothing unlocked :(

      Yeah. I can understand keeping stats separate, but does it really hurt anything if your PC and console soldiers share progression? Worst case scenario is a player buys an extra copy of the game because one is easier to unlock on than the other.

        I guess if you can jump in a custom server on PC and really rake in the upgrades, then take that to the console EA servers it may be seen as an exploit. Still, here's hoping.

      Second! This would be great as I have some friends who only play PC and some that only play console. I would mind less paying for second copies if the progression was sync'd.

    Because there aren't enough n-star Colonels already?

    I'd love to be one of the first to pick up BF4 on one of the new consoles but I'm afraid i'm going to be the only one. Well one of a very small bunch. Nope i'll be waiting for BF5/6 before I go to the new consoles despite how pretty and full featured it's likely to be.

      That is true. When BF4 comes out on the next gen, it'll be in the earliest stages of release. So not many people would have the new console and BF4 compared to current gen. That is also why Gran Turismo 5 is being released on the PS3 instead of PS4.

      Whereas PC version of BF4 ... hehe

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