Capcom Resurrects Long-Dead Strider Series

Today at Comic-Con, Capcom announced a new entry in their long-dormant Strider series. IGN is at the panel, reporting that the game will just be called Strider and is being developed by Double Helix, the studio behind Silent Hill Homecoming and Battleship.

It will be on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We'll have more on Strider from Comic-Con soon.


    Excited about the franchise, sketchy on the developer....

      Yesss in just a few short years and Strider ULTRA will be mine!

      Yeah, not my first choice considering Homecoming was lacking and battleships was a pile of rushed movie tie in garbage

    How about a couple HD remakes to keep us occupied in the mean time ;)

    Wow, first Killer Instinct and now this? Following that?

    Good luck to 'em, I guess.

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