Chasing Aliens Leads To Something Disturbing In Live-Action XCOM Video

If you’ve been watching the YouTube series attached to The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, you know that agent Ennis Cole is obsessed with hunting down the aliens among us for very personal reasons. Well, in this latest episode, he finally tracks one down. Then he probably wishes he hadn’t.

You can watch the rest of Ennis Cole’s saga in the videos below. Poor bastard doesn’t seem like he’s going to have a happy ending, does he?


  • The acting in the first one was absolutely appalling. The mother in the second one wasn’t very good either.

    • Not sure the acting was “absolutely appalling”. Bad maybe, appalling not so much.
      Ennis Cole is Dominic Monaghan, trying his best at an american accent.

      I enjoy these “build ups” looking forward to what the game has to offer.

  • One month out from release and they’re still using Live Action trailers.

    Yeah, that’s a good sign…

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