DualShock 4 Vs DualShock 3

Just how similar is the new PlayStation 4 controller to the one that PlayStation 3 gamers have been using for nearly seven years? At a PlayStation event in New York City yesterday, we were able to put a model of the DualShock 4 up against a DualShock 3.

The biggest difference between the controllers is the DualShock 4’s addition of the clickable two-point touch pad. Beyond that, the changes are more subtle. Hand-model Jason Schreier and I zip through them in this video, without a script. We’ve seen the controller before. Jason and I have used it. But we’d not had a chance to put the old and the new in the same frame. We hope the comparison is illuminating or at least amusing.


  • Ill be picking up the PS4 in a year or 2, after the dust settles. But i just have to say, thats one of the ugliest controllers i have ever seen. Im sure it feels just fine, but its certainly not going to win any beauty contests.

    • in this case.. form follows function.

      that’s probably one of the reasons why they managed to keep the price down. it looks simple and plain compared to the xbone’s 10-layered face buttons and such.

    • yup. PS4 controller though is the best controller I have felt and it is not that bad to hold and use.. however the xbone has again provided the gold standard in controller design. That thing is awesome.

      Im still sitting on the fence about new consoles, mainly because of the whole dust settling thing you raise.

    • I don’t know about you, but when I game, I look at the screen and not the controller…

      To me, the ergonomics is all that matters – it should be comfortable to hold with two hands (no matter how big or small your hands are) and the buttons should be sensibly positioned so that you never have to take your eyes off the screen looking for the right button. The controller should be instinctive – like an extension of your fingers – in a way that you don’t even think about pressing the buttons.

  • Hint: It’s the same as the Playstation 1 controller, but with ideas borrowed from other peoples controllers.

  • I’ll likely get over it quickly but I wish the thumbsticks hadn’t changed, because I know the first time I use it a small part of me is going to think “This doesn’t feel like a playstation controller”.

    • I kind of get what you’re saying, but to be honest the thumbsticks are the one thing I’ve been wanting them to change for ages. Not the layout, but rather the precision (or rather the lack of it) when it comes to small movements – I’ve always wanted them to just feel a little “tighter”. And it sounds like they’ve done that. I don’t think I’ll mind the switch from convex to concave tops, either. So I’m pretty happy with what I’m hearing about it so far, but obviously the proof will be in the actual playing.

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