Eternal Darkness Sequel Has A New Kickstarter, And David Hayter's Onboard

David Hayter might not be returning for the new Metal Gear Solid, but he will be lending his voice to Shadow of the Eternal's lead character. And, oh, hey! The spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness also has a new Kickstarter campaign.

Earlier this year, Eternals launched a crowdfunding campaign — only to later suspend it. The reason? "A host of new exciting opportunities that will make the game better than we envisioned," according to Precursor Games, the developers. This revamped crowdfunding campaign is supposed to have better financial tiers and "concrete goals" compared to the first. It also aims to give people weekly updates.

The new Kickstarter campaign hopes to fund a 8-10 hour action-adventure game "steeped in psychological horror" for PC and Wii U. The PS4 is currently listed as a stretch goal for the game.

Here's the pitch, in video form.


    Well, that was quick way to lose a couple hundred bucks.

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    It looks like they got rid of that whole episodic nonsense, which was my main beef. If Dennis Dyac is still involved, they've been shamed into keeping it quiet.

      Um, he's IN the embedded video (at 1:47)...

      Granted, I'm watching without sound, so who knows what he's saying, but I'd wager being in the video means he's involved.

        Initially I thought - how the hell did I miss that? So I watched it again. His name was flashed up in small font for about a second. That is so intentional - his name is dirt, I doubt many people know what he actually looks like.

        Well I'm out. I have no faith that the guy can deliver anything worth putting money down for.

    What, "main character"? They'd better mean the equivalent of Alex, because a Darkness game with just one protagonist wouldn't be the same.

      Yeah I reckon thats what they meant. Even with the multiple chars or the orig, you would still have to say that Alex was the main, or at least, lead character, since it was her flashbacks that let you play as the other guys. Although that title could have easily gone to old Roman undead dude (forget his name sorry, guy who originally grabbed the green/red/blue)

        Yeah, it was definitely Alex's story. It's still unique in its handling of that many characters tying into an overarching plot.
        It's also why I bought a Gamecube. I can't state enough how much I miss that controller.

          Gamecube controller. Nothing has come close. My Kingdom for Gamecube controller support on modern pc games.

            I'll see your Kingdom, and raise you a planet. Best controller ever, hands down. Why hasn't the concept of buttons at the base of triggers caught on? It was brilliant.

    Be good if this comes to fruition, i adored Eternal Darkness. In fact playing that game at a mates was the original reason i picked up a gamecube. Good variety of characters, some fast, some slow, some young, some old, good locales, some good bosses, plus of course the nutty 'insane' effects.
    Man i loved that little unit. Still much prefer playing Soul Calibur 2 on it rather than ps2, I think mainly for the controller. The analogue having a small octogon around it to 'lock into' the 8 directions really helped me getting the directions just right.


    Checklist for playing Eternal Darkness (light hearted edition)
    1. Copy of the game,
    2. Gamecube
    3. Well lit room
    4. 6 pairs of underwear for every 5 minutes you plan to play the game.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a well crafted game and I plan to finish it one of these days. But I don't have the time. And I scare easily.

      The worst of it is you'll need a seven-pair-ratio for the last boss.
      I recommend a revisit; I'm actually a shareholder with Bonds.
      Not really. I just dig the game quite a lot.

    Wasn't David Hayter a voice in the original game?

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