Game Trailer Or Bad '80s Sci-Fi Show? You Decide!

Red 5 Studios went to a lot of trouble to make some real-life outfits based on their online shooter Firefall, so it's understandable they went and made a live-action trailer for the game's impending public debut. It's just a shame that it... yeah.

On the bright side, Firefall is now in open beta! It's not technically out, but as with most multiplayer online games these days, that's pretty much the same thing, albeit in this case you should know that large chunks of the game are yet to be completed, as it's a constant work-in-progress.


    So when's this movie coming out?.....

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    Wow. That's a really interesting piece. On the one hand, it sucks so hard it blows, on the other hand, it's almost there. It sort of hints that with some really interesting ideas, instead of a montage of the worst tropes ever assembled, you could create really awesome sci fi on a budget.

    On the other hand, it sucks so hard it blows.

    I've been playing firefall a lot lately and its not bad. The combats pretty generic and the storyline is nearly non existant but the mining, missions and invasions are awesome. The graphics and setting are really nice aswell. The only major problem I have with the game is that I cant get my head around crafting. It seems very complicated and at the end of the day thats probably something I will never delve into.

    That was friggen awesome.

    Made me feel like I was back playing Command and Conquer games again.

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