Grand Theft Auto V’s And Max Payne 3’s Combat Compared, Side By Side

Grand Theft Auto V’s And Max Payne 3’s Combat Compared, Side By Side

We’ve reported previously about the shooting mechanics in Grand Theft Auto V, and how it’s going to be somewhat identical to what we’ve seen in Max Payne 3. And now Youtuber datarace1 delivers the visual confirmation, with a side-by-side gameplay comparison.

Why fix something if it ain’t broke? The only differences I could catch were the distance of the camera and that Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V is running a bit faster.

GTA V vs. Max Payne 3 – Side By Side Combat Comparison [YouTube]


  • I actually find the weakest point of rockstar games is the stiff character movements, which also translates to poor shooting mechanics. I think max payne was pretty solid, but again the character movement/animations look pretty sub-standard. Looking at the GTA V trailer, it appears some of that may have been rectified – I’ll guess we’ll soon see.

  • If the multiplayer of MP3 to RDR to GTAIV then its clear they’ve improved the shooting. However they need to go back to RB for cover, I found in Max Payne I kept trying to use the X button to vault.

    • Ahh you see, my friend, your problem was that you were hitting the X button. Control pads are a weakness. Purge that weakness and pursue the purity of the Master Race’s chosen vessel of communion: the keyboard and mouse!

      • unfortunately the keyboard and mouse has it’s own problems when it comes to third-person shooters…..unless it’s designed for keyboard and mouse in mind..most of the third person shooter games or third person games like GTA are somewhat tedious to play (some many key bindings)

  • Two questions I am wondering about:

    1) will it have some sort of Bullet Time, Dead eye?
    2) will it be auto-aim like GTA IV or not like Max Payne 3?

      • yeh that’s what I think too, but Max Payne didn’t have auto-aim like GTA IV & Red Dead. It just had different levels of “locking” on enemies when you aimed at them. I would prefer this.

  • @gunnie
    1) one of the main characters has a “bullet time” special ability. Michael
    2) Both of those games have a menu option for auto-aim.

  • Hopefully they fix the melee fighting for V. In IV you got your ass handed to you half the time. I’d like to be able to have a decent 1v3 brawl and not have to run away (with difficulty) due to poor control and combat system.

  • We improved the mechanics for gta V… [Max payne 3] mechanics file} copy … [gta V] mechanics file} & paste 😉

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