Homeless Man Is A Walking Street Fighter Wiki

Meet Emanuel. This homeless gentleman is going to talk about one thing today: Street Fighter. Art director Ken Lin filmed this interview back in 2010, but recently located it on a hard drive. Explains Lin: "I ran into this homeless guy named Emanuel Swanson who was yelling "Sonic Boom!" to himself. Being a Street Fighter fan myself I approached him and he gave me a brief history of Street Fighter all with sound effects."

It isn't just Street Fighter that caught this man's fancy. According to Lin, Emanuel was "gonna come back to do a Mortal Kombat history." Unfortunately, Lin had to be somewhere and couldn't capture that for internet posterity.

I interviewed a homeless man who knew too much about street fighter [Ken Lin Thanks, Blam!]


    He's wrong about Ryu and Ken, tho. Ryu is stronger, and Ken is faster? Correct me if I'm wrong of course....

      He's right. Ryu has slower but stronger hits. He can't combo as easily as ken and can't shoryuken off a fall. He usually hits fewer times for similar damage. His shinku hadouken is usually a 1hit and his shinryuuken is either one or three depending on the game. Ken's is like 9. In some versions of sf his hurricane kick knocks enemies away Instead of pulling them in for multiple his like ken's does.

      I will die alone With my dreamcast and street fighter collection.

        he's wrong - he's saying ryu is faster than ken, and ken is stronger than ryu - its the other way around. ryu is stronger than ken, but ken is faster as you say. start at 00:50.
        also, m.bison's name was switched to balrog because it was felt it was too close in similarity (coupled with his look) to mike tyson and might lead to legal trouble in the usa.

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          Right. I was confirming ryu is strong, ken is fast thing. Didn't realise he said it backwards in the video.

          The Happy accident with the boss name changes was that the Spanish guy ended up with a Spanish sounding name.
          Akuma was also named Gouki (pronounced the way you would say 'gone') but localisation people realised that calling someone a name that could be mispronounced as 'Gooky' was a bad idea. So they went with the Japanese word for devil.

            if vega wasnt supposed to be his name all along, what was it supposed to be? sagat?

              The current Vega was and still is Balrog in Japan.

              There are 4 boss characters.
              Muaythai was Sagat and is still Sagat.
              Dictator was Vega and is now Bison.
              Boxer was Bison and is now Balrog
              Claw was Balrog and is now Vega.

              Demon is Akuma and was Gouki. As far as I know other names haven't been changed... Even Sodom kept his name.

    I'd love to see him debate some one who knows just as much about Mortal Kombat.

    I liked that waaay more than I probably should have. Homeless people of Adelaide, take note. Instead of asking me for cigarettes, school me in Streetfighter instead.

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