Street Fighter 6 Appears To Have Turned Ken Into A Terrorist Suspect

Street Fighter 6 Appears To Have Turned Ken Into A Terrorist Suspect

Did, uh, did Street Fighter 6 turn Ken into a terrorist suspect?

That’s the thinking after Capcom dropped a new set of character art that has fans looking at the long-time Street Fighter mainstay a little differently.

Ken had already undergone a bit of a redesign for Street Fighter 6, one that fans instantly claimed had real “divorced dad energy”. Suddenly, the brash American character, usually dressed in a red gi and sporting a bright yellow ponytail, was in old, tattered, drab clothes. His hair was unkempt and he was wearing a five-day growth. Because nobody knew the reason for the change in Ken’s look, speculation about what happened in his backstory was rife.

We now have a clearer picture thanks to, er, some pictures in a recent Game Informer preview (and spotted by GamesRadar).

Specifically this one:

street fighter 6 ken
Image: Capcom, Game Informer

Ignore Ken’s absolutely bangin’ bod in that pic, if you can. My man is being arrested. A headline in the upper left details the situation:

“Who’s behind the terrorist bombing?”

And at the bottom, “Questions surround the champ.”

Ken, what did you do? Divorce didn’t hit you that hard, did it, king?

It turns out, no, Ken was not radicalised between the events of Street Fighter 5 and 6. Rather, he is currently on the run from the cops over the bombing, which he did not commit. More about that story will be revealed in a tie-in comic planned for launch closer to the game’s release.

There is no word on where Ryu has been throughout this whole ordeal. You can’t come to your old friend’s aid when he needs you, mate? I suppose it’s likely Ryu doesn’t own a phone, walking around the planet looking for fights as he does. Imagine that would make him unreliable as an emergency contact.

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