Dan’s Infinite Combo Seals Brilliant Street Fighter V Comeback

Dan’s Infinite Combo Seals Brilliant Street Fighter V Comeback
Screenshot: Capcom

Infinites, or fighting game combos that can be looped ad nauseam with no space for the opponent to escape or retaliate, are typically pretty difficult to pull off outside of the Marvel vs. Capcom series. They’re not easy to perform in training mode, let alone bust out for a serious match. But this didn’t stop a high-level player from doing just that during an official Street Fighter V competition over the weekend.

Fu-pin “RB” Kao has long been known for his high execution ceiling, and he put those skills to the test while fighting for his life in the losers bracket of the most recent Capcom Pro Tour event. Staring down a huge life deficit against fellow Taiwanese competitor Li-wei “Oil King” Lin, RB was able to mount a comeback courtesy of Dan Hibiki’s simplistic infinite combo.

Although Dan just joined the Street Fighter V cast in February, he’s made quite a splash. He’s a fan favourite character thanks to his goofy demeanour, sure, but his infinite combo also makes him unique among the game’s cast. Capcom hasn’t seen fit to remove the combo from Dan’s repertoire yet, which gives competitors like RB an edge while using a character that’s pretty average otherwise.

Sadly, RB would eventually be eliminated by Oil King, but not before providing viewers with one of the most exciting moments of the tournament, all while using the Street Fighter series’ biggest doofus. And that’s its own sort of victory.

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