I Want To Play Minecraft With The Oculus Rift And Omni *Right* Now!

Playing the Oculus Rift is pretty much the greatest video game experience I’ve had this year. Despite never really getting into Minecraft, it was one of the first games I wanted to try using the device — mainly because so much of the game is about exploration and exploring environments is amazing on the Rift. Okay — now imagine playing Minecraft using the Oculus Rift whilst walking around using the Omni. [explodes]

You can’t say these things without sounding like some idiotic wrinkled soothsayer, but I really feel like the Oculus Rift is the future. The Omni device, which allows you to sort of walk around whilst using the device, seems like a great solution to some of the problems of the Oculus Rift.

The above video does a great job of showing how all these things work in practice. I’m hoping for a future when these two separate products are sold to retailers in some sort of package form — like a Rock Band kit. Let’s just package these things in a way that’s accessible and awesome. Let’s make it something that developers and publishers want to support in a very big way. JUST DO IT EVERYONE!

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