I Want To Play Minecraft With The Oculus Rift And Omni *Right* Now!

I Want To Play Minecraft With The Oculus Rift And Omni *Right* Now!

Playing the Oculus Rift is pretty much the greatest video game experience I’ve had this year. Despite never really getting into Minecraft, it was one of the first games I wanted to try using the device — mainly because so much of the game is about exploration and exploring environments is amazing on the Rift. Okay — now imagine playing Minecraft using the Oculus Rift whilst walking around using the Omni. [explodes]

You can’t say these things without sounding like some idiotic wrinkled soothsayer, but I really feel like the Oculus Rift is the future. The Omni device, which allows you to sort of walk around whilst using the device, seems like a great solution to some of the problems of the Oculus Rift.

The above video does a great job of showing how all these things work in practice. I’m hoping for a future when these two separate products are sold to retailers in some sort of package form — like a Rock Band kit. Let’s just package these things in a way that’s accessible and awesome. Let’s make it something that developers and publishers want to support in a very big way. JUST DO IT EVERYONE!


    • That would be a great fit for this technology. I think the Oculus, at least currently, is way more suited to slower paced, atmospheric games.

  • I really really want to try out the Omni, just to see what it’s like. Even though I severely doubt I’d actually want to use it for any games 😛

    I’m still too terrified to try out Minecraft with the Rift though. I value my life too much.

        • Crouching, jumping, strafing, and walking backwards are already supported, it’s just glitchy until they get the whole sensor thing figured out and they can move away from the Kinect. they are not jumping in this video because it is freaking minecraft.

          • Ahk. I’d seen mention elsewhere of you being unable to walk backwards, because of the design of the support ring or something. Can’t remember exactly.

      • I dont know about jump, but I heard they were looking at a sensor for detecting ducking and would allow for crouching movement. Would not be terribly difficult to implement, well no less difficult than the rest of the tech in the Omni.

  • @markserrels you should totally see if you can get a press demo of the omni. Or get some Allure Media money and back the kickstarter. I’d love to see your review of it like you did with the Rift.

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