Last Of Us Renders One Of The Loudest YouTube Personalities Speechless

That ending, huh? It was certainly an... interesting one. To the point that it left one of the louder-known YouTube personalities in the gaming community — PewDiePie — speechless. Just for a moment, of course.

Spoilers, obviously.

Skip to 10:05 for the good parts.

Regardless of your feelings towards PewDiePie, he's well-known and well-liked by many on the Internet, and it's interesting to see someone who is usually shouting and cussing his way through his Let's Play videos all of a sudden sit there, mouth agape, unsure of what to say.

That's the power of The Last of Us. I had a similar reaction when I finished the game this weekend.

Basically, there are two key moments to this ending. The first is when Joel shoots Marlene. Though he does have reasonable grounds for doing so, it's not just that he shoots her. It's the absolutely cool and collected way in which he does so. It's the way he doesn't even hesitate for a moment. He's already decided. He has no remorse. He will have no regrets.

In that moment, I felt shock. For an instant. And immediately afterwards I thought, "Good." Because while it may still be morally reprehensible to gun down an innocent woman, I admired his dedication to Ellie above all other things. I admired that he's capable of knowing, one way or another, what is right and wrong to him. And he's steadfast.

The other moment is, of course, where he lies to Ellie. And immediately I felt a reversal of emotions. Where killing Marlene still felt like it was motivated by his loyalty to Ellie, this felt like betrayal. The exact opposite of what Joel had been proving was at his core almost the entire length of the game. And at that point I wanted to hate Joel for it. But like Ellie, I just couldn't. We'd been through too much.


    OMG, spoiler alert! :P

    I actually thought that the game would give you a choice at the end, so I was surprised a little when it didn't. Mind you, many people would probably have made the same choice anyway.

      Speaking of choices... let's hear it. Did you murder the doctors in cold blood, or let them live?
      I shot them without hesitation! It was 1am, and I was SO in the moment! :D

        Well it's weird. I shot the doctor that was about to attack me (in self defense I guess). But after hesitating for a bit, I let the other doctors live. I certainly had to make that conscious decision.

        I figured that they were 'neutral' in all of this. From their point of view they were trying to save humanity. You know, the old 'would you kill one person to save many' moral choice. And since they didn't have the same experience as what I had with Ellie, I couldn't really blame them for what they were trying to do.

        Shotgun shells for all, with a brief hesitation before pulling the trigger for the first time.

        I ummed and aahed about shooting the knife-wielding doctor, and crept up slowly towards him with a pistol aimed at his head in case he was going to attack if I got too close. But after realising he won't do anything regardless of how close you get, I let Joel put the gun away and pressed a random button to get something to happen (you couldn't just push him out of the way by walking into him), which instead made Joel stab him. I spared the other two doctors, because frankly I didn't want to hurt any of them anyway, and they weren't stopping me.

        I shot two before I realised I didn't have to kill them all. x3

        I shot the first one (pistol shot to the leg - didn't intend for it to be lethal, but he died anyway, dammit), as he seemed about to attack me - I feel guilty now that I know he wouldn't have actually done anything. I took about 10-15 seconds to determine that the other two weren't going to stop me, and let them be.

        I machine gunned all of the me ASAP then executed the guys who were moving on the ground. To hell with those guys.

    He kidnaps supposedly the last hope for the continued existence of our species. Someone tries to make him see reason, and he shoots them. And then, when Ellie wakes up, he demeans them both by lying to her about it. Maybe there's something wrong with my morality compass, but Joel is a selfish git.
    But that's okay, because it just reinforces the idea that he is human, along with all the emotional irrationality and short-sightedness that entails. I don't agree with his decision, nor do I think it was his place to make it, but I don't blame him for it. And that annoys the hell out of me.

      I agreed with his decision simply because most of humanity didn't seem worth saving. I mean... sacrifice Ellie for the sake of people like David or those guys in Pittsburgh or the assorted raiders? I don't think so.

        The existence of bad people doesn't preclude the existence of good people - in fact, I'd argue the opposite. Sure, I'd not lift a finger to help the likes of David, but what about Henry? Sam? The rest of humanity huddled in quarantine zones trying to just live their lives while they wait for a cure... or extinction? I don't base my decision on cannibals and raiders, I base it on them.

          This is the point of the game, just about every character encompassed both the good and bad sides of humanity creating grey areas throughout. People seem to forget though the world is a screwed up place, the assumption that a cure would bring us all together is a huge risk. Who is to say that the Military, Hunters and Fireflies wouldn't fight over control of the cure? With the removal of the threat of infection, who is to say that zones and groups wouldn't begin raiding each other for supplies?
          We didn't band together when faced with adversity so I struggle to see how or why we would after living so long in a world that is not fair

          All I know is, Joel made a tough decision, and like you I cannot blame him for since there isn't a reason in the world that could stop me from protecting my family and loved ones, even guilt or regret.
          Oh and he knew he did wrong, when they talk at the end he nervously grabs his watch and you saw the look of pain on his face

            One way or another, a society would rise from the ashes. Eventually order would be restored in some form or another - it may take decades, but it would happen eventually. I agree that removing the threat of infected would most likely lead to open conflict between the three factions, and that could go in anyone's favour. But there will either be a victor, or there will be a diplomatic resolution. Life will go on.

            Joel... well, he made the only decision that I could ever envision him making in that situation. That is why I can't blame him for it - he's a product of his past, as are we all. And Joel certainly knew he chose selfishly, and he seems to want nothing more than to just drop the issue and never speak of it again. But if Ellie ever finds out the whole truth... I weep for her sanity. I can't even begin to imagine how I'd live with that level of guilt...

              Not necessarily dude. the zombies could get everyone.

              I for one thought Joel did the wrong thing. I would have given Ellie up for the good of everyone. I hated the last 10mins of the game.

              But I still loved it.

              If that made sense.

                True, but that was pretty much going to happen anyway - without the vaccine, mankind would die out within another decade or two. Even if there were a 50/50 chance that with the vaccine mankind would still die out, it's still better than the certain extinction we would face without the vaccine.

                And, yea, that makes complete sense - it's exactly how I feel.

      If you think about it would you be able to sacrifice a person in your life, who you truly love and means more than the world to you for the good of everyone? Thats the decision Joel had to make and since he knew that there were others like Ellie, he couldn't take the burden of sacrificing her which is why I think he choose to save Ellie instead. Granted, if I have a child and we were in the same position, unless if my child isn't mature enough to make a conscious decision for him/herself to risk his/her life for a cure and knows what they would be giving up, then I wouldn't let them kill my child and I'd do what Joel did. BUT I would work with them to find a cure that doesn't involve killing anyone and only sacrifice my kid if it was the last possible choice. But I probably won't be able to bear it if it comes to that.

        I understand why he did it (note the word "selfish" - not meaning it in a negative sense, but a purely literal one). But the decision was ultimately Ellie's, and from the time I spent with her, I got the feeling that, while initially distrustful, she had and extremely large potential for empathy, and had she seen what was at stake and actually given the choice, she would have given her life without hesitation. And were someone I loved to have to make that decision, I would support them, regardless of how I personally felt about their choice. And were they incapable of making that decision, I would still try my best to ignore my own feelings, and go with what I know they would have chosen. I never said that it would be easy to do, or that the decision was simple, but it is the choice I believe that Ellie would have made.

        "He knew there were others"... did he? Did I miss that major plot point? There was a tape recording mentioning past subjects, but that recording only said that Ellie's blood samples acted consistently with past subjects (who may have been normally or deliberately infected people - there was no mention of immunity), and clearly states that "[Ellie's] infection is like nothing I’ve ever seen." That implies to me that there are no others.

        "I would work with them to find a cure that doesn't involve killing anyone and only sacrifice my kid if it was the last possible choice". Again, I got the impression that they were already at the end of their rope, and Joel lacked the expertise to be of any real use.

      Actually there is another interpretation. That she would have died for no reason because they were unable to find a cure. In the car ride in the end he says they had dozens of people who were infected and it did them no good (i.e. no cure). What I think he is doing is referring the infected monkeys at the university. The fireflies researched those monkeys and could not find a cure. Sure when he took Ellie to the hospital he was hoping she wouldnt have to die in their research, but when they confirmed that she would die then all cards were off the table

    I thought the ending was fitting. I didn't hate Joel for it.
    I interpreted that the lie was to protect her from any guilt she may feel.
    My view is that - with the way society became barbaric, Joel didn't owe anyone anything. The choice he made regarding saving Ellie and lying to her was something he did for her and himself.

    Last edited 02/07/13 7:25 pm

      It took me about a day before I decided I liked the ending. We know Ellie has a pretty decent bullshit detector and I am certain Ellie knows Joel is lying, but as much as it is implied that she would be fine with dying for humanity, she has just as much reason to live too, a father figure that cares about her, a place to live without the military imposing themselves on the civilians and a social circle that are a little bit hopeful for a future that isn't completely grim in light of the events of the game. The lie is believable enough that she can go along with it for the sake of these things.

      I will say however that Joel could have spun a slightly more believable lie, something with a little more simplicity that didn't tie all the loose ends up so well.

    I was thinking about the scene where Joel comments about his broken watch today. To me, I think that's a metaphor that everything is temporary. Eventually everything breaks. His watch (time), his love (daughter) and even society.

    Or am I reading into that bit too much? :P

      I wouldn't say you're reading too much into it, but I have an alternate view. I think the broken watch is meant to symbolise that humanity's time is up.

      A little bit, but not much. The watch is definitely symbolic.

    Good, he shut the fuck up for a moment.

    The ending seems more fitting every time I watch it. I’d rather cure the zombie situation the old fashioned way anyway, with a shotgun.

    I'd like to believe that Ellie knew that Joel was lying to her at the end, but because she trusted him so much she thought he must have a damn good reason for it. I think she wanted to know what happened but when she asked him to swear to her and he lied, she accepted his decision. I'd also like to believe that Joel realized that she knew he was lying after that exchange and that it was a mutual silent agreement not to talk about it and just move on. I'd like to believe all of that because I can see that discussion coming back and forcing a division between them, forming a story for a sequel should the devs choose to make one.

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