Pewdiepie To Overeager Fans: ‘Don’t Come To My House’

Pewdiepie To Overeager Fans: ‘Don’t Come To My House’

This seems like common sense, right? Don’t be weird; don’t put people in an uncomfortable situation, no matter who they are. And yet…

YouTube’s biggest star says that he constantly has to deal with the problem of fans visiting his house, even though he’s moved multiple times across the years:

“I’ve even had parents coming over with their kids,” Pewdiepie said. “I’ve had people yell outside my house. I’ve had school classes come outside. Just because you found my address doesn’t mean you found an invitation for you to come over.”

Pewdiepie is right of course: He is still entitled to his privacy even though he’s accrued millions of fans. At the same time, YouTube’s entire appeal lies in the fantasy that viewers get to know their favourite personalities more so than they would a traditional celebrity. It’s easy to see how a fan might start to believe that they are entitled access to a YouTuber, no matter what the circumstances are.

Traditional celebrities probably have to deal with obsessive fans all the time. In the realm of YouTube, this phenomenon is likely not new either, but the ways in which that that tension plays out in public has become more fraught recently. Earlier this year, YouTube star Christina Grimmie was fatally shot by an obsessive fan, leading to a change in policies at YouTuber-centric convention VidCon. “The explosive growth of the online celeb industry, combined with the shock of Grimmie’s death at the hands of what police described as a deranged fan, is forcing a reconsideration of what top YouTubers described as a freewheeling, if not naive, culture,” Buzzfeed reporter Claudia Rosenbaum wrote.

“The trick for online celebrities now will be balancing new security concerns and interacting with fans to build their brand,” Rosenbaum continued.

So, yeah. Don’t just walk up to your favourite YouTuber’s house. It’s not cool, man.


  • Spoony had to comment on this as well. This was scarier for him when he was living with his brother, as he’s a police officer and the idea of people turning up randomly isn’t smart.

  • Its not going to change anything. It happens so plan for it Secure apartment or Gated community or stop working from home.

    Giving his earnings and business he could move/live anywhere and write off half of it as business expenses.

    Surprised with his earnings and potential to be greater, he still is one guy in a foam padded office in his house and isnt scaling up to demand/changes.

    • Good old victim blaming ‘eh.

      Hey man, what’s your address? Can i come over and stand out the front of it for a while?

      • While I dont agree with the sentiment of the original post and in the ideal world it would be a great solution to just ask people to stop; but we dont live in said world. People are dicks, that feel like just because they have watched/used something for a long period of time that they are owed some sort of recompense (reguardless of whether the product or service was free).

        Welcome to generation snowflake where every one is special and no one can accept the fact that they are unimportant or that nobody owes them anything.

      • Im not victimn blaming… I am saying this is a cultural problem with fame and that asking nicely wont do shit cause he will have fans that think “that doesnt apply to me, we are bros”. The most dangerous and creepy fans dont think reality applies to them getting closer to their idols.

        The easiest, effecient and best solution… is to throw money at it and choose to live and work more securely, and honestly doesnt take much.

      • While i dont think its fair to blame pewds for what his fans are doing, it is fair to let him know that he could be making things easier on himself with his vast quantities of money.

      • You’re right! Let’s not lock our doors. Let’s pick up random strangers that need a ride on a deserted highway! Let’s go smash some heroin into our veins! After all, why take personal precautions – it’s all the perp’s fault and nothing you do could ever change or minimise the risk to you in any way, nuh uh!

    • > in his house

      Don’t quote me, but I thought he rented out a separate space for making his videos? I thought that’s what he did but I honestly can’t remember.

      • Yeah, wasn’t there a recent article about his neighbours in an apartment complaining about him yelling all the time?

        • Yeah, Pewds got kicked out of his work space by the landlord because he was making too much noise this one time. The landlord didn’t give him any prior indication that he was being loud, he just heard him make gay sex noises (literally) this one time and the landlord said “get out”. At least, that’s how he tells it.

    • good lord mate, don’t advise people to take precautions – don’t you know that’s victim blaming? shame on you!

  • Breaking news: Famous person gets upset because his fame now brings “too” much attention from his fans who helped to make him famous.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that its cool that he is experiencing this. But like some of the comments above addressed, perhaps it’s time for him to consider separating his work life from his home life, at the moment they are indistinguishable which makes him appear like the average Joe/Jane who fans can approach anytime they want. Once in the limelight its difficult to hide from it, but separating work from personal may help him create firmer boundaries between a large majority of his fans and himself.

    Hope he finds a suitable solution to resolve this situation as it seems like it could be a pit fall to achieving fame for any home-based Youtuber.

  • Another day, another Patricia has to write about pewdiepie article lol – does your job suck on days like this? You keep drawing the short straw

    Hopefully for pewdiepie this is the beginning of the end, I hope this video actually results in more harassment and in the end he just has to flee. His crap videos are not worth the hassle

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