Mario Needs To Stop Dwelling On The Past

Mario is a man we've become well accustomed to, we've followed his escapades for decades now. But despite bringing us new experiences he seems to harp on the past an awful lot.

The good news is, Mario, today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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    ... this was a weird video and I didn't really gather what the point was. I assumed it was saying that we needed more innovation in the Mario series (which I think is nonsense anyway) but then the end quarter of the video didn't quite continue that idea.

    EDIT: I am quite sick at the moment so maybe it's just me.

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      The Mario games seemed to be innovating for a while but then Nintendo seemed to get stuck into the New Super Mario Bros rut and don't seem to be showing much sign of moving beyond that. Most of the other games featuring him are fundamentally rehashes of games originally made twenty years ago.

      Twenty. Years.

      You might believe that the older Mario games were perfect but lack of innovation in Nintendo franchises has been something of an issue for a while now, and Kotaku aren't the only ones to have commented on it.

      I'm sure I'm not the only one to have looked at the Wii U and thought "The first-party games for this are games I've fundamentally played before, and the third party games are almost nonexistent. There's no good reason for me to buy this console."

        I agree completely.

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        You have a point, but apply blame too quickly. The lack of innovation is something all the big companies are suffering from of late, not just Nintendo. I struggle to think of any games of late for PC, Xbox or PS that have been truly innovative, just the same old hat with a new lining and a higher resolution.
        As for Mario, he is one of the most respected icons in gaming with one of the most well known histories who has based his entire career on bringing new features to the platform structure for which he belongs.

        My parents know who Mario is, my generation knows, my nephew and his generation know and I can honestly say that my children and theirs will know......... Mario is a lot bigger than the people who can't understand they outgrew it and will never understand that nothing will recreate those feelings and memories you have as a child.

        See, as far as I'm concerned, even if a game uses the same fundamental mechanics as a past game, I can still enjoy it just fine. I don't pretend that NSMBU was a breakthrough or innovative game, but it was extremely fun and a very well polished game. More of the same isn't necessarily bad, and though I'd love to see a new Mario in the vein of Super Mario 64 or Galaxy, something "new", as long as the games are fun I really don't care.

        But the vid is only making comparisons with platformer mario. What about all the innovative DS marios? Like the Mario and Luigi series? and even the Mario vs DK series? They are all new and introduce new mechanics. Its just that platformer Mario tends to be the more popular consumer choice,

        I wouldn't say Mario is stuck. He's got a few games which iterate with every new console sure...but for a series that's been around for 20 years as you say, its doing a pretty good job of innovating

    Im Really enjoying these videos from Leo. At first wasn't a fan but his dry delivery is growing on me.
    Found it quite funny

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    I agree 100% with this analysis.. this sad.. sad analysis...

    I'm playing through Mario on the Wii U for the first time now, and i'm getting a serious case of the "haven't I been here before?"'s. That said, it's still fun I guess, but I still crave more.

    What about like Sunshine and Galaxy and all the that stuff? I mean, I haven't really played them (not sure why, I loved everything up to 64 and played/enjoyed them excessively), but they seemed different. Also, aren't we getting a new Mario RPG? We always have Mario Kart and even fucking tennis.

    Sure does seem like Mario's done quite a lot. Recently we've been a bit retro, but lets face it, classic Mario is best mario, and its not like we haven't had ANYTHING new with him. Hm.

    I completely disagree with this. While yes it is the same mechanics, the games are still solid and enjoyable. Not every game needs to be innovative or improve on the previous title, they just need to be a solid game which is what they are.

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