No Gaming Mouse Is This Exciting, But The New Naga Comes Close

This is the most dramatic gaming mouse trailer of 2013. It is for a mouse that leaps across canyons in a sports car in slow motion. The new Razer Naga does not do that, but it's wonderfully clicky.

Last year I pitted three MMO gaming mice against each other in a battle of the buttons, and Razer's 12-button Naga did not win. It was a lovely piece of hardware, but the 12 side buttosn were smooth and hard to tell apart, and despite a set of swappabel ergnomic bits, the Naga just wasn't as comfortable as the competition.

So, for the 2013 edition of the Naga, Razer fixed those problems.

It's certainly a more comfortable hand rest than its predecessor, for one, and it didn't have to resort to hot swapping gimmicks to achieve that. The buttons on the side are now mechanical (clicky!) and ridged, making it much easier to feel out individual keys with your thumb. The new scroll wheel tilts side-to-side for additional input, and there's even a left-handed version for the freaky people in the audience.

The only thing I'm not liking about the 2013 Naga is the finish. I'm used to soft, rubberised plastic, and this one somewhat gritty.

Still, a marked improvement over the previous generation, addressing every concern I had, and only adding one new one. That's almost worth an incredibly dramatic debut trailer. Almost.

The new Razer Naga will be on sale shortly at the Razer store for $US79.99.


    I personally hate the rubberised plastic. It's too flimsy, and that finish gets so dirty it's not funny.

      I've had a Naga for about 2 years now and it's one of my cleanest mice to date In fact the rubberized plastic stays cleaner than the glossy plastic! My only grime gripe would be around the 12 buttons.. they tend to build up a bit over time.

    I'd buy a Razer product but I have to wait until their boss plays his PS3

    Isn't that just a logitech g600? >> After my naga died for no reason last November, after a pitiful 4 months of use, went and bought a g600. Cheaper, shaped better, better buttons, more LED colours... why buy a naga again?

      any other number of things that a gamer picks instead of complaining about it on the internet?

        Both the writer and readers personal experiences with the benefits and drawbacks is far more practical than spamming the board. That personal experience provides far more use than arguing a redundant question or basically complaining about people complaining.

        Last edited 31/07/13 4:12 pm

          I think your comment was great so I clicked the "^" button :D

            I nearly made an account just to do it too but then I actually hate humourless asshats who take it upon themselves to stand on their soapbox and clean the comments. Every site has a few of them.

      I think the Naga has been around longer than the G600.

        Yes, it has been around longer, but its new incarnation takes a lot of what Logitech decided do with the g600 when they were looking to differentiate their product. Granted Logitech may have just designed the g600 to what Razer would have naturally done to improve the Naga regardless, my point was that that Logitech beat them to it.

        That and the Naga as a product line was already in the market for 3 years and the naga 2012, the one I purchased, was a DPI and colour refresh essentially (there were customisable pinky grips as well which seem to have been scrapped). So its hard not to see g600 influences in this mouse coupled with the fact that a g600 is cheaper, then well, yeah. But hey, if people like their Razer products yay for them being able to get a better mmo mouse.

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          Oh there is definitely a G600 influence on this new Naga, I mean look at those new buttons! I didn't mean to come across as a dick.

            Not at all mate, I can definitely how my original post can seem a little ignorant. At least you didn't spam reply my comment four times haha.

    The position of what I assume are the back and forward buttons look really awkward to use, and the side buttons look really big and clunky. On the Naga I have at the moment I can rest my thumb on the side of the mouse no problem, but on that one it looks like doing so would be uncomfortable because the buttons are jutting out so much.

    Looks terrible.
    Never been a fan of Razer products.

      It's pretty good for MMOs.

        Yeah, it would be with all those buttons.

        Personally I don't get into MMOs, though Elder Scrolls Online has a chance of catching my interest depending on the combat. :)

    I used to use all Logitech Stuff, but then I bought the G35, within a month needed gaffa tape to hold together and after a few months was more tape then headphones...
    Having blown over 200 bucks on it was less then impressed. My switch to Razer since Starcraft 2 pre-order came with a discounted mouse has been good.
    If I could afford this mouse, even though my old one still works and is fine, would get it for extra buttons

    I still prefer the Death Adders over the Naga's, its just too many buttons for a thumb to handle. If your needing THAT many keys then set up macro's on your keyboard.

    I swear by my Naga! I tried a Deathadder when I quit World of Warcraft and soon found myself buying a new Naga anyway. If you're even considering buying one, just do it. You won't regret it.

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    I bought a Naga several years ago and am still using it today. My biggest complaint is that I have the stupid double click problem they are known to get. (ie. A single tap ends up being a double tap because the contact sticks momentarily) Hopefully the new model fixes that.

    Mionix Naos 8200 is by far the best gaming mouse available. Bar none. Undisputed. No competition.
    When you use it you will understand.

    Ha, that ad perfectly sums up my experience with Razer products, mine fell apart too!

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