Oh, Nothing, It's Just A Girl Building A Prosthetic Leg Out Of Lego

Somebody in Christina Stephens's research lab joked that she - an amputee - should build a fake leg out of LEGO. Challenge. Accepted.

This awesome video shows Christina rummaging around like a kid for the right pieces, before taking the leg for a test drive.

AmputeeOT: My Legoleg [YouTube, via ALBOTAS]


    Lego - no matter what happens it always ends up all over the floor

    If the government see this the disability insurance scheme will suddenly become a lot cheaper.

      Or the opposite, have you seen the cost of lego these days?

    Get a decent builder in there with some Technic frames and suspension components and you can start to look like a T-800 !

    Surprised this isn't an article about how short her shorts are...

      I reckon! There are some shots there where she should worry less about Lego and more about a Brazilian wax.
      Nerd Lego amputee porn - now that is niche.

    and people complain when they step on a single brick... pfft, harden up.

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