Sex Bet On Wii Game Ends With Mountie Shooting His Wife

Sex Bet On Wii Game Ends With Mountie Shooting His Wife

You can’t write headlines much weirder than that, but it is not in dispute that Keith Wiens, a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, shot and killed his common-law wife after she demanded that he pay up — in foreplay, evidently — for losing to her in a Wii game.

Wiens told a jury in British Columbia that he acted in self defence on that night in August 2011, and that his wife, Lynn Kalmring, attacked him with a knife. The two had had a rapidly escalating argument since getting drunk and playing Wii and making wagers “of a sexual nature,” on the games.

When Wiens went upstairs to go to bed after playing the console, he found sex toys on his pillow. He brushed them aside, saying he needed to rest up for a round of golf the next day. “He said Kalmring became upset when she saw that he was not in the mood to settle the bet,” reports the Penticton Western News.

Kalmring then broke out that no-win accusation: “You’re not attracted to me, are you,” and though Wiens said he assured her he was, he was just tired, the argument dissolved into an expletive-filled tirade. He said his wife left the bedroom, returned with a knife and rushed him; Kalmring had already armed himself with a pistol he kept in his bedside table, saying he feared for his life. He shot her once in the head.

A forensic pathologist earlier testified that he believed a knife police found in Kalmring’s hand had been placed there after her death, reasoning she would have dropped it when she was shot.

Accused murderer tells court argument began with bet on video game. [Penticton Western News via GamePolitics]


  • This is interesting in the sense that, assuming she did rush at him with the knife and he shot her, there literally would be no proof that was how it happened (even if it was).

    In this incident it would almost have been better if he let her cut him a bit before shooting or something akin to that.
    So how exactly would police or anyone else determine foul play (assuming a perfect “stage” over a real life or death incident)? Just because she was shot doesn’t mean she 100% would have dropped the knife especially with a instant kill shot, (with my limited knowledge at least).

    • The actual article goes on to say that if she hadn’t dropped the knife then it would be hard to remove it from her grasp (rigor mortis I guess) but apparently the police on scene easily removed it

        • Yeah, rigor mortis doesn’t set in immediately upon death so unless she didn’t pass away instantly (given the testimony of the pathologist, she did), something’s up.

        • Yeah, not to mention the whole “shot her once in the head” thing. Any LEO who’s done enough weapons training to make a shot like that would instinctively shoot centre-mass, multiple times. Headshots are not really a thing outside video games and sniping. They’re a great way to get yourself killed.

          • Actually, if he’s a mountie, he would have been trained to aim for the shoulders.

          • I’d never heard of any police force that didn’t teach centre-mass. Curious how you know this. Genuinely, not snarky doubting =p

            Though, shoulders still work better than head.

          • Yeah the head shot thing is really weird. Not knowing more details, it does like very suspicious. The entire story and the outcome… can’t imagine how that happened and he ‘feared for his life’. I mean, this is his wife!

          • @freezespreston = Yes I am! Married with 2 kids and another on the way.

            And she’s only tried to kill me like, 8 times. But never with a knife. Always with a car 😛

            It’s not funny though. This guy shot his wife in the head! Like, WTF!?!

          • Centre-mass is taught, but there’s a heavy focus on point shooting (Lucky McDaniel style) and NLS.
            Source: my dad used to be a mountie, a longgggg time ago before he moved to Australia 🙂

  • Guns and knives in the bedroom? by the sounds of things they were just doing a little role playing and forgot the safety word.

  • Just goes to show, violent video games dont make killers. Sex toys make killers….or guns….maybe its the guns.

    • This man was clearly driven to aggression by his obsession with golf. He even got a hole in one! And by one, I mean his wife.

      • Remember guys, Golf is a game too! It’s basically artillery warfare, trying to launch your projectile as close to the target (designated by a flag, which we’ve seen in Minesweeper, another violent video game) as possible.
        Once again, this all boils down to game violence!

        On a serious note, this is a horrible thing to have happened. And I agree with some others that it sounds very suspicious that a trained police officer would go straight for a lethal shot instead of just wounding the person.

  • So basically he didn’t want to have sex -> She grabbed a knife -> He shot her…

    Jesus that sure escalated quickly.

    • Well how else could he prove that he was still attracted to her?

      Nothing says ‘I love you’ move than a gun shot to the head :S

    • Lol, my thoughts exactly. I want a transcript of the conversation that led up to it.

      “Let’s have sex”
      “No thanks, I’m too tired”
      Wife then runs madly out of the room to grab a knife while husband dive rolls out of bed, grabs, locks and loads a pistol?

  • I find it odd that a Mountie wasn’t able to overpower his wife… even with a knife.
    I’m not sure if bullet to the head should be the first response. Surely a police officer is trained in negotiation, combat, disarming an assailant etc…
    Even some mace or a taser should have been the first response.

    • The problem is the speed that the knife can be moved at. You don’t need to be strong to inflict a very nasty knife wound to somebody, just within range.

      Shooting her in the head is pretty suss but there’s no way in hell I would get anywhere near someone wielding a knife with the intent to harm me. It ain’t like the movies…

      Also, not everyone has access to mace (and the effectiveness would have to be questioned against someone with a knife – blind swinging) or a taser. It would be interesting to know what the local laws are in relation to obtaining a non-lethal weapon like a taser, as in, are they as easy to obtain as guns or are they restricted?

      • Clearly he had a bit of time if he was able to get to his gun while she came at him with a knife in the bedroom. Does he sleep with one under his pillow?
        Surely a an ex-cop has access to mace and/or a taser if he has a firearm.
        In any case – in this country we have an “equal or lesser force” clause to our self defence laws…

        • It’s definitely suss. I’ll assume he didn’t have the firearm in a proper weapons safe so really it was just a case of loading the weapon (if it wasn’t already) and taking off the safety.

          Nonetheless, that won’t be enough to convict the man if he is charged with murder or manslaughter. The prosecution will need to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the man using a gun against his knife wielding wife was excessive.

          That is, of course, assuming that the police forensic investigation of the scene has a finding that is consistent with the man’s version of events.

  • He should have replaced the knife with one of the sex toys and gone with the ‘Saints Row’ defense – “I had to shoot her, she was assaulting me with a giant purple dildo!”

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